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New Biology

New Biology


Lab of Cell Signaling and Development

Research Fields
The ultimate goal of our lab is, using multidisciplinary approaches, to help predict physiological and genetic changes in plants in response to global climate change.
of genetic and epigenetic mechanisms regulating plant growth and aging in response to environmental cues.
Single-cell genomics and genetics.
Unraveling of cellular mechanisms and developmental programs
Detailed understanding of cellular network models for second messengers Ca2+ and ROS
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof.June M Kwak
Degree : Ph.D., POSTECH
Tel : +82-53-785-1860
Mail : jkwak@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Kim Sung Hwan (Ph.D. student)
Mail : korea8133@dgist.ac.kr

Brain-Immune Axis Laboratory

Research Fields
Infection and Inflammation
Brain-Immune Crosstalk in Cancer
Brain-Metabolic Control
Unraveling Brain-Microbiota-Gut Interactions
Exploring and Therapeutically Exploiting
Advisor Professor
Name : JaeHyung Koo
Degree : Ph.D., Yonsei University
Tel : +82-53-785-6112
Mail : jkoo001@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : ChaeEun Lee(MS/Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : gpchaen@dgist.ac.kr

Genomic Instability and Cancer

Research Fields
Genomic instability
DNA replication stress
DNA damage and repair
Tumor Suppressive mechanisms
Advisor Professor
Name : Younghoon Kee
Degree : Ph.D. at University of Texas at Austin
Tel : +82-53-785-1610
Mail : ykee@dgist.ac.kr


Research Fields
Aging recovery technology
In vitro diagnostics
Biomimetic system
Advisor Professor
Name : Minseok S. Kim
Degree : Ph.D., KAIST
Tel : +82-53-785-1740
Mail : kms@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Aseer Intisar Tasnuf (Integrated M.S.& Ph.D.Candidate)
Mail : aseerintisar@dgist.ac.kr

Laboratory for QBIO and Precision Medicine

Research Fields
Developmentof high resolution mass spectrometry-based proteomicstechnologies
MS-basedcancer proteogenomics study
Understandaging through proteome dynamics
Systemsanalysis of post-translationalmodifications
Developmentand application of clinical MS
Molecularmulti-omics to study central dogma of molecularbiology
Advisor Professor
Name : Min-Sik Kim
Degree : Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Tel : +82-53-785-1630
Mail : mkim@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Yeji Do (Researcher)
Mail : yejjy@dgist.ac.kr

Molecular Epigenetics Lab

Research Fields
Chromatin folding mediated by protein dynamics using single-molecule imaging
Mechanism of chromatin organization and alterations
Genome integrity in response to cellular stress
Development of novel biophysical methods for nuclear organization
Advisor Professor
Name : Yoori Kim
Degree : Ph.D. at University of Texas at Austin
Tel : +82-53-785-1650
Mail : yoori.kim@dgist.ac.kr

Lab of Protein Structure Aging

Research Fields
Studies to understand structural changes of proteins by aging and diseases
Elucidation of protein misfolding and the related pathogenic mechanisms
Structure-based development of therapeutic materials & strategy
Studies to reveal protein interaction network mediating structural transition
Characterization of protein structures and functions
Advisor Professor
Name : Kim Jin Hae
Degree : Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison
Tel : +82-53-785-1770
Mail : jinhaekim@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Si Jin Beom (Integrated M.S.& Ph.D.Candidate)
Mail : susilia@dgist.ac.kr

Aging and Immunity Lab (AIM Lab)

Research Fields
The studies on immunological changes appearing in the aging process
The studies on the relationship between anti-aging mechanisms and metabolic processes
Development of eco-friendly biomaterials through bacteriophage engineering
Development of low-toxic antimicrobial peptides
Advisor Professor
Name : Chang-Hoon Nam
Degree : Ph.D., Institut Curie
Tel : +82-53-785-6618
Mail : chang@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Ji-Han Lee (Master's course)
Mail : wlgks3848@dgist.ac.kr

Bio-therapeutics Design Lab

Research Fields
Development of Antibody Therapeutics
Development of Extracellular Vesicle-based
Advisor Professor
Name : Kyungmoo Yea
Degree : Ph.D., POSTECH
Tel : +82-53-785-1760
Mail : ykm31@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : In Seong Jung (Integrated M.S.& Ph.D.Candidate)
Mail : dlstjd96@dgist.ac.kr

Lab of Plant Molecular Communication

Research Fields
Molecular genetic regulation of multi-stress responses
Small peptide-mediated control of plant senescence
Epigenetic regulatory mechanisms on leaf senescence
Coordination programs for leaf growth and senescence
Regulatory mechanisms on cell division and aging in plant meristem
Advisor Professor
Name : Hye Ryun Woo
Degree : Ph.D., POSTECH
Tel : +82-53-785-1870
Mail : hrwoo@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Sanghoon Park (Integrated M.S.& Ph.D.Candidate)
Mail : actial100@dgist.ac.kr

Lab of Protein Homeostasis and Drug Discovery

Research Fields
Ubiquitin-proteasome system
‘Induced proteolysis’ as a new therapeutic paradigm
Protein homeostasis
Protein diseases or proteopathies
Small-molecule chemical screening and drug discovery for targeting human diseases
Advisor Professor
Name : Byung-Hoon Lee
Degree : Ph.D., University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Tel : +82-53-785-1730
Mail : byung-hoon_lee@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Seonghyeon Moon (Integrated M.S.& Ph.D.Candidate)
Mail : t7t7t4t8@dgist.ac.kr

Lab of Integrative Animal Ecology

Research Fields
We aim to reveal the diversity and the functional values of phenotypes of animals, including their morphology and behavior.
Specifically we are interested in;
Breeding and cognitive ecology of wild birds
Structural coloration of birds and insects
Functional morphology of birds and insects
Advisor Professor
Name : Sang-im Lee
Degree : Ph.D., Seoul National University
Tel : +82-53-785-6613
Mail : sangim@dgist.ac.kr

Senescence-Associated Mechanism Lab(SAM Lab)

Research Fields
Deciphering molecular mechanisms of cellular senescence
Identifying factors for controlling cellular senescence and determining their underlying molecular mechanisms of action
Interpreting structural-functional relationships of proteins regulating DNA replication and repair
Advisor Professor
Name : Young-Sam Lee, Department Chair
Degree : Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Tel : +82-53-785-1880
Mail : lee.youngsam@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Eun Jae Yang (Integrated M.S.& Ph.D.Candidate)
Mail : rob2659@dgist.ac.kr

Lab of Aging, Metabolism and Physiology

Research Fields
Diabetes and obesity
Neuronal control on energy metabolism
Hormonal regulation of metabolism
Cellular stress and signal transduction responses
Advisor Professor
Name : Jaemin Lee
Degree : Ph.D., University of Michigan
Tel : +82-53-785-1750
Mail : jaeminlee@dgist.ac.kr

Laboratory of Single-molecule Biophysics and Advanced Bioimaging

Research Fields
Cellular liquid-liquid phase separation, biomolecular condensates
Super-resolution microscopy
Single mRNA, non-coding RNA imaging
Single-molecule biophysics (smFRET, SiMPull, etc)
Advisor Professor
Name : Jong-Chan Lee
Degree : Ph.D., POSTECH
Tel : +82-53-785-1780
Mail : jclee@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Kim Jinkwang (Integrated M.S.& Ph.D.Candidate)
Mail : akfls2870@dgist.ac.kr

Biointerface Structure and Skin Lab

Research Fields
Structure-function relationship of interfacial biosystems including secretory cells, integumentary system and skin.
Design of artificial model systems mimicking the structure and/or physiology of human biointerfaces
Structure-function relationship studies and design of our target proteins including intermediate filament proteins
Structure-based drug design
Advisor Professor
Name : Chang-Hun Lee
Degree : Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
Tel : +82-53-785-6612
Mail : leech@dgist.ac.kr

Plant Senescence Laboratory

Research Fields
RNA-based regulatory network in plant senescence
Circadian Rhythm, Aging Clock, and Leaf Senescence
Computational study of plant senescence
Improvement of plant productivity by Senescence-manipulating technology
Advisor Professor
Name : Pyung Ok Lim
Degree : Ph.D., Michigan State University, USA
Tel : +82-53-785-1830
Mail : polim@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Sukjoon Jung (Integrated M.S.& Ph.D.Candidate)
Mail : jsjoon0719@gmail.com

Lab of Stem Cell Biology & Cancer Precision Medicine

Research Fields
Stem cell biology & Regenerative Medicine
Organoid and organogenesis
Cancer stem cells
Targeted therapy & Precision medicine
Stem cell and tumor microenvironment
Advisor Professor
Name : Youngtae Jeong
Degree : Seoul National University, M.D., Johns Hopkins University, Ph.D
Tel : +82-53-785-1620
Mail : jyt@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Myeong Ji Hyeon (Integrated M.S.& Ph.D.Candidate)
Mail : mjh8389@dgist.ac.kr

Cancer Epigenetics Lab (CEL)

Research Fields
Epigenetic changes in carcinogenesis
Metabolic regulation and genetic alteration in cancer
Interplay between Metabolism and Epigenetics
Targeting epigenetic modification for cancer therapies.
Advisor Professor
Name : Chan Chung
Degree : Ph.D., University of Michigan, U.S.A
Tel : +82-53-785-1660
Mail : chungc@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Ji Yoon Park (Master's course)
Mail : jiyoon00@dgist.ac.kr

Lab of T-cell Biology and Immunotherapy

Research Fields
Tumor immunology and immunotherapy
The biology of CD4+ cytotoxic T cell
Epstein-Barr virus as the human virobiota
Advisor Professor
Name : Il-Kyu Choi
Degree : Ph.D., Yonsei University, Republic of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-1670
Mail : ik_choi@dgist.ac.kr