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Robotics Engineering

Robotics Engineering


Rehabilitation Robotics Lab Rehabilitation Robotics Lab

Research Fields
Robotic Rehabilitation based on Brain Plasticity
Human arm/wrist Impedance Measurement Technique
Robust Impedance Control of Robots
Bimanual-Redundant Robotic Arm Control
Advisor Professor
Name : Pyung Hun Chang Department Head
Degree : Ph.D., MIT, USA
tel : +82-53-785-6200
mail : phchang@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Sungjin Bae(Ph.D. Candidate)
mail : sonjin1128@dgist.ac.kr

Surgical Robotics Lab

Research Fields
Surgical Navigation
Surgical Robot
Computer-assisted Medicine
Medical Imaging
Advisor Professor
Name : Jae Sung Hong
Degree : Ph.D., Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
tel : +82-53-785-6210
mail : jhong@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Seongbo Shim(Ph.D. Candidate)
mail : roboticist@dgist.ac.kr

Bio-Micro Robotics Lab

Research Fields
Body (organ) on a chip
piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducer (pMUT)
Artificial sensory system, Artificial cochlea
Advisor Professor
Name : Hong Soo Choi
Degree : Ph.D., Washington State Univ., USA
tel : +82-53-785-6212
mail : mems@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : SeonHyoung Kim(Ph.D. Candidate)
mail : uracian@dgist.ac.kr

Intelligent Bio-OptoMechatronics Lab

Research Fields
Design and control of precision system
AI based robot study
Advisor Professor
Name : Cheol Song
Degree : Ph.D., KAIST, Rep. of Korea
tel : +82-53-785-6215
mail : csong@dgist.ac.kr

Motion Control Lab

Research Fields
Walking Robot and Walkin Assistive System
Interdisciplinary Research on Robotics and Biomechanics
Human Robot Interaction Control
Mobile Robot Control
Advisor Professor
Name : Sehoon Oh
Degree : Ph.D. the University of Tokyo
tel : +82-53-785-6216
mail : sehoon@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Wiha Choi (Ph.D. Candidate)
mail : choiwiha@dgist.ac.kr

Neural Interfaces & MicroSystems Lab

Research Fields
Neural interface
Neural stimulation
Stretchable electronics
Numerical simulation of implant-body interactions
Advisor Professor
Name : Sohee Kim
Degree : PhD, University of Saarland, Germany
tel : +82-53-785-6217
mail : soheekim@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Hyunmin Moon (Ph.D. Candidate)
mail : hyunmin_moon@dgist.ac.kr

Bio Robotics and Mechatroncis Lab

Research Fields
Biomimetic Robot
Soft Robotics
Robot elementary technology : Sensors and actuators
Study on the medical application
Study on the industrial application
Advisor Professor
Name : Dongwon Yun
Degree : Ph.D., KAIST, Rep. of Korea
tel : +82-53-785-6219
mail : mech@dgist.ac.kr

Bio-Integrated Electronics Lab

Research Fields
Wearable electronic skins & smart clothes
Implantable electroceuticals (electronic + pharmaceutical)
Solid/Fluid mechanics, semiconductors, wireless wearables related researches
Advisor Professor
Name : Kyung-In Jang
Degree : Ph.D., Yonsei University
tel : +82-53-785-6218
mail : kijang@dgist.ac.kr

Multiscale Biomedical Robotics Lab

Research Fields
Biomedical Micro/Nano Robotics
Biomedical Devices and Instruments
Advisor Professor
Name : Sukho Park
Degree : Ph.D KAIST
tel : +82-53-785-6214
mail : shpark12@dgist.ac.kr

Nano Materials and Devices Lab

Research Fields
Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Functional Nanomaterials
Fine-dust/VOC sensor
Advisor Professor
Name : Hoe Joon Kim
Degree : Ph.D., University of lllinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
tel : +82-53-785-6221
mail : joonkim@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Chaehyun Ryu (M.S. Candidate)
mail : chaehyun@dgist.ac.kr

Medical Image & Signal Processing Lab

Research Fields
Medical Image & Signal Processing
Computer Vision, Robot Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Advisor Professor
Name : Sang Hyun Park
Degree : Ph.D., Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea
tel : +82-53-785-6222
mail : shpark13135@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Eui Jin Jung(M.S. Candidate)
mail : dmlwls@dgist.ac.kr

Intelligent Imaging and Vision Systems Lab

Research Fields
Intelligent Optical Imaging
AI-based Image Analysis
Image Cryptosystems
AI-based Cryptanalysis
Advisor Professor
Name : Moon Inkyu
Degree : Ph.D., University of Connecticut, USA
tel : +82-53-785-6223
mail : inkyu.moon@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Youhyun Kim(Researcher)
mail : uhyunkim85@dgist.ac.kr

Neuro-interfaced Robotics Lab

Research Fields
Advanced Neuro-Interface for Neuroprosthetics
Implantable Neuroelectronics
Neural devices for Neuromodulation
Next generation of Neuro-interfaced Robotics
Advisor Professor
Name : Sanghoon Lee
Degree : Ph.D., National University of Singapore
tel : +82-53-785-6224
mail : hoonw@dgist.ac.kr

Next-generation Medical Imaging Lab

Research Fields
Photon counting CT
Diffuse optical tomography
Functional brain imaging using NIRS
Development of image reconstruction algorithm
Advisor Professor
Name : Okkyun Lee
Degree : Ph.D., KAIST
tel : +82-53-785-6225
mail : oklee@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Sumin Baek(M.S. Candidate)
mail : bsk0610@dgist.ac.kr

Advanced Ultrasound Research Laboratory

Research Fields
Biomedical ultrasound/photoacoustic imaging and therapeutics
Medical image processing
Machine learning-based diagnosis and signal processing
Nano-theranostic platform
Advisor Professor
Name : Jaesok Yu
Degree: Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A
Tel : +82-53-785-6226
Mail : jaesok.yu@dgist.ac.kr

Intelligent Nanophotonics Lab.

Research Fields
Silicon photonics for data centers
Optical neural network
LiDAR for machine vision
Mid-IR photonics for molecular sensing
Optomechanics & MEMS
Advisor Professor
Name : Sangyoon Han
Degree: Ph.D., UC Berkeley, USA
Tel : +82-53-785-6227
Mail : s.han@dgist.ac.kr

Autonomoous Systems and Control Lab

Research Fields
Autonomous Vehicle and Aerial Robotic Systems and Control
Theory and Applications for Mechantronic Systems and Control
Advisor Professor
Name : Yongseob Lim
Degree: Ph.D. University of Michigan, USA
Tel : +82-53-785-6622
Mail : yslim73@dgist.ac.kr

Soft Biomedical Devices Lab

Research Fields
Stretchable electronics
Wearable sensors and robotics
Implantable devices
Biomedical devices based on micro/nano materials
Advisor Professor
Name : Jaehong Lee
Degree: Ph.D., Yonsei Univ., Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6228
Mail : jaelee@dgist.ac.kr