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Energy Science and Engineering

Energy Science and Engineering


Discovery Lab

Research Fields
Post Lithium ion (Mg, Zn, Al ion) batteries
Solid lithium ion conductors
Inorganic materials discovery
Advanced X-ray crystallography
Advisor Professor
Name : Seung-Tae Hong
Degree : Ph.D., Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6415
Mail : st.hong@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Boosik Jeon(Integrated M.S.& Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : wjsqntlr@dgist.ac.kr

Light, Salts and Water Research Group

Research Fields
Materials chemistry
Nanomaterials, carbon and porous materials
Electrochemistry, fuel cell, battery
Supercapacitor, sensor and photochemical catalyst
Advisor Professor
Name : Jong Sung Yu
Degree : Ph. D., University of Houston, USA
Tel : +82-53-785-6443
Mail : jsyu@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Park Gisang(Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : qkrrltkd13@dgist.ac.kr

Electrochemistry Laboratory for Sustainable Energy

Research Fields
Lithium-ion Batteries
Post Lithium-ion Batteries
Electrochemical Energy Conversion & Storage
Advisor Professor
Name : Ho Chun Lee
Degree : Ph.D., KAIST, Rep. of Korea
Tel :+82-53-785-6411
Mail : dukelee@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Sukhyung Lee(Integrated M.S.&Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : hodoomaroo@dgist.ac.kr

Organic and Printed Electronics Laboratory

Research Fields
Organic photovoltaic devices
Flexible transparent conductors
Organic light-emitting diodes
Printing and Roll-to-Roll process
Advisor Professor
Name : Youn Gu Lee
Degree : Ph.D., University of Chicago, USA
Tel :+82-53-785-6414
Mail : youngulee@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Kim Jongyoun (Integrated M.S.& Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : kjy950123@dgist.ac.kr

Advanced Energy Material Lab

Research Fields
H2generation from water electrolysis
Alternativeelectrolyte membranes for high temperature and low humidity PEMFC
Alternative electrolyte membranes/electrocatalyst for VRFB
Non-preciouselectrocatalysts for PEMFC
Air electrodes for Metal-air battery
Advancedelectrodes for Supercapacitor
Anodecatalysts for DMFC
Advisor Professor
Name : Sangaraju Shanmugam
Degree : Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India
Tel :+82-53-785-6413
Mail : sangarajus@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Dabin Han(Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : dabin@dgist.ac.kr

Multifunctional Nanomaterials & Energy Devices Laboratory

Research Fields
Multifunctional Nanomaterials & Devices
Solution-processed Photovoltaic Devices (Quantum Dots, Perovskite, Hybrid-solar cells)
Thermoelectric Materials & Devices
Light Emitting Materials & Devices
Advisor Professor
Name : Jong-Soo Lee
Degree : Ph.D., Chonbuk NationalUniversity, Rep. of Korea
Tel :+82-53-785-6416
Mail : jslee@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Kwak Do Hyun(Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : ckd3138@dgist.ac.kr


Research Fields
CO2 conversion into fuels
Photocatalytic H2 generation
Hybrid Solar cells
Microbial fuel cell
New materials for renewable energy
Development of a highly efficient and stable Beta battery
Advisor Professor
Name : Su-Il In
Degree : Ph.D., University of Cambridge, UK
Tel :+82-53-785-6417
Mail : insuil@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Young Ho Park(Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : nano.e.park@dgist.ac.kr

Curious Minds’ Molecular Modeling (CMMM) Laboratory

Research Fields
Multiscale molecular modeling (quantum mechanics calculation, molecular dynamics simulation)
Supercomputer-assisted molecular-level understanding of materials and their chemistry
Rational design of high-performance organic-inorganic-hybrid materials
Clean and renewable energy sources, low-energy-consumption electronic devices
Advisor Professor
Name : Yun Hee Jang
Degree : Ph.D., Chemistry, Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea
Tel :+82-53-785-6412/6432(Laboratory)
Mail : yhjang@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : SungSoo Lim(Ph.D. Candidate)
Tel :+82-53-785-6432
Mail : limss0606@dgist.ac.kr

Battery Materials and Systems Lab

Research Fields
Lithium-ion battery materials (organic and inorganic) and design optimization
Battery modeling and simulation
Next-generation secondary batteries (Li Metal, All-solid-state, Li/S, Li/Air, …)
Electrochromic materials for smart window
Advisor Professor
Name : Yong Min Lee
Degree : Ph.D., KAIST, Rep. of Korea
Tel :+82-53-785-6425
Mail : yongmin.lee@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Dahee Jin(Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : dahee.jin@dgist.ac.kr

Energy Conversion Materials Engineering Lab

Research Fields
Advanced Energy Conversion Technologyfor Self-Powered Electronics
Piezoelectric & TriboelectricEnergy Harvesting Materials and Devices
Biomimetic Biomolecule based Energy Materials
Novel Applications for Energy Materials
Advisor Professor
Name : Ju Hyuck Lee
Degree : Ph.D Sungkyunkwan University, Rep. of Korea
Tel :+82-53-785-6427
Mail : jhlee85@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Kim Dae Yeong(M.S. Candidate)
Mail : kim_daeyeong@dgist.ac.kr

Chemical & Energy Materials Engineering (CEME) Laboratory

Research Fields
Multifunctional Energy & Electronic Materials
Metal Oxides Nanomaterials
Quantum Dot & Perovskite Solar Cells
Catalytic & Environmental Materials
Advisor Professor
Name : Jongmin Choi
Degree : POSTECH, Rep. of Korea
Tel :+82-53-785-6428
Mail : whdals1062@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Kim sookwan(Integrated M.S.& Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : sookwan925@dgist.ac.kr

Chemical & Energy Materials Engineering (CEME) Laboratory

Research Fields
Nanomaterials chemistry
Quantum dot solar cells
Quantum dot displays
Liquid-phase transmission electron microscopy
Wearable electronics
Advisor Professor
Name : Jiwoong Yang
Degree : Ph.D, Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea
Tel :+82-53-785-6429
Mail : jiwoongyang@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Bak Gyuuri(Integrated M.S.& Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : gyuuri27@dgist.ac.kr

Interfacial Chemistry and Energy

Research Fields
Conducting Polymers and Composites
Functional Polymers and Liquid Crystals
Functional Porous Materials
Functional Molecular Machines
Advisor Professor
Name : Chiyoung Park
Degree : Ph.D, Polymer Science and Engineering, Inha University
Tel :+82-53-785-6435
Mail : parkcy@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Wan Soo Cho (M.S. Candidate)
Mail : piyrw93@naver.com

Laboratory for Electrochemical Materials & Devices

Research Fields
Next-generation Battery Materials & Cell Designs
Battery Failure Study & Diagnosis Devices
Sustainable Electrochemical Energy Materials
Interface Chemistry in Electrochemical Systems
Advisor Professor
Name : Hongkyung Lee
Degree :Ph.D. (16’) KAIST
Tel :+82-053-785-6447
Mail : hongkyung.lee@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Ahn Hyungook (Integrated M.S.& Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : sb00064@dgist.ac.kr

Laboratory for Electrochemical Energy Materials and Interfaces

Research Fields
Next-generation batteries (all-solid-state, Li metal, metal-gas, etc.)
Lithium-ion batteries
Ceramic fuel cells
Electrochemical analysis and modeling
Advisor Professor
Name : Jong-Won Lee
Degree :Ph.D., KAIST, Rep. of Korea
Tel : 053-785-6430
Mail : jongwon@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Shin Hongrim (Integrated M.S.& Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : case_1@dgist.ac.kr

Renewable Energy Conversion Materials (RECM) Laboratory

Research Fields
Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Catalysts
Electrochemical Water Splitting Catalysts
Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials
In-situ X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS)
Advisor Professor
Name : Dae-Hyun Nam
Degree :Ph.D., Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea
Tel : 053-785-6426
Mail : dhnam@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Go Suhyun (M.S Candidate)
Mail : soohyun@dgist.ac.kr

Biophysics and Soft Matter (BioSM) Lab

Research Fields
Membrane Proteins Structure and Function
Protein-lipid Interactions
Biopolymers, Polyelectrolytes
Light-harvesting and Energy Transfer
Quantum Information
Advisor Professor
Name : Seungho Choe
Degree :Ph.D., Yonsei University, Rep. of Korea
Tel : 053-785-6460
Mail : schoe@dgist.ac.kr