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Information and Communication Engineering

Information and Communication Engineering


Advanced Electronic Device Research Group

Research Fields
Bio-electronic devices and systems
Neural Engineering, Brain Microelectronics Interface
Bio-functional nanomaterial microfabrication
Low-noise transistors for bio-signal sensing
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Hongki Kang
Degree : Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Tel : +82-53-785-6328
Mail : hkang@dgist.ac.kr

Intelligent Computing and Networking Laboratory

Research Fields
Multi-resource Management in Cloud Computing
Edge Contents Caching
Machine Learning for Mobile Systems
Communication Technology in 5G Networks
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Jeongho Kwak
Degree : Ph. D., KAIST, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6329
Mail : jeongho.kwak@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Pyeongjun Choi (M.S. Candidate)
Mail : vudwns@dgist.ac.kr

Intelligent Digital Systems Lab

Research Fields
High-performance/low-power deep learning accelerator
Energy-efficient hardware accelerator for scientific computing
Power-aware system design methodology
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Jaeha Kung
Degree : Ph. D., Georgia Institute of Technology California, USA
Tel : +82-53-785-6327
Mail : jhkung@dgist.ac.kr

Intelligent Integrated Circuits and Systems Lab

Research Fields
AI-integrated IC for applications in edge robotics
In-memory computing architectures
Low-latency transceiver IC for the Tactile Internet
High-speed parallel transceiver IC supporting multi-standard Ethernet standards
Advisor Professor
Name : Jong-Hyeok Yoon
Degree : Ph.D., KAIST, Rep. of Korea
Mail : abcde@dgist.ac.kr

Image Processing Laboratory

Research Fields
Deep Neural Network for Image Processing
Image Processing Algorithm for Inverse Problems
Computational Photography
Image Enhancement denoising, HDR –
Multi-channel/dimensional Signal Processing
Advisor Professor
Name : Kyong Hwan Jin
Degree : Ph.D., KAIST, Rep. of Korea
Mail : kyonghwan.jin@gmail.com

Advanced Electronics Devices Research Group

Research Fields
Flexible/Wearable Electronics
Next generation displays, memory devices, and multi functional sensors
New concept of micro/nano fabrication : Short pulse light process (e.g. laser, flash), printing process
Micro/nano heat and mechanical stress analysis for electrical devices
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Kwon, Hyuk-Jun
Degree : Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, USA
Tel : +82-53-785-6326
Mail : hj.kwon@dgist.ac.kr

Autonomous Robotics and Control Laboratory

Research Fields
Cyber-Physical transportation systems
Autonomous vehicle systems
Cooperative robot systems
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Kyoung-Dae Kim
Degree : Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana, USA
Tel : +82-53-785-6325
Mail : kkim@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Seong Kyung Kwon(Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : sk_kwon@dgist.ac.kr

Computer architecture and Systems Lab

Research Fields
Computer Architecture
Operating Systems
Cloud Computing
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Daehoon Kim
Degree : PhD, KAIST
Tel : +82-53-785-6322
Mail : dkim@dgist.ac.kr

Smart Input Device Laboratory

Research Fields
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
User-centered metric development for I/O system
User-adaptive interaction design
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Sunjun Kim
Degree : Ph.D., KAIST, Rep. of Kore
Tel : +82-53-785-6331
Mail : sunjun_kim@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Junsu Im (M.S. Candidate)
Mail : junsu@dgist.ac.kr

Computation Efficient Learning Laboratory

Research Fields
Light-weight learning based on brain-inspired hyperdimensional computing
Edge AI Intelligence for Internet of Things
Machine learning for systems
Alternative computing such as in-memory computing
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Yeseong Kim
Degree: Ph.D., UC San Diego, USA
Tel : +82-53-785-6332
Mail : yeseongkim@dgist.ac.kr

Information, Computing, and Intelligence Lab

Research Fields
Machine learning
Coding and Information Theory
Computing and Storage
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Yongjune Kim
Degree: Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Tel : +82-53-785-6333
Mail : yjk@dgist.ac.kr

Cyber-Physical Systems Integration Lab

Research Fields
Design of cyber-physical systems (CPS)
Software defined networking (SDN) for resilient CPS
Optimization of smart factory
Control of physical system through wireless sensor network
Neutralization of UAVs through wireless communication protocol analysis
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Kyung-Joon Park
Degree : Ph.D., Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6314
Mail : kjp@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Dohwan Kim(Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : dhkim@dgist.ac.kr

Computational Theory and Applications Laboratory

Research Fields
Theory of Computation(Graph Theory, Computational Geometry)
Wireless Sensor Networks
Security for Critical Infrastructure
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Donghoon shin
Degree : Ph.D., KAIST, Republic of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6648
Mail : dshin@dgist.ac.kr

Dynamic Systems and Control Laboratory

Research Fields
Control of Photovoltaic Systems
Resilient Control Systems
Quasi-linear Control with Nonlinear Instrumentation
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Yong Soon Eun
Degree : Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
Tel : +82-53-785-6316
Mail : yeun@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Hee Kyoon Jeon(Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : llhgll@dgist.ac.kr

Data-Intensive Computing Systems Laboratory

Research Fields
Operating System and System Softweare
Non-volatile Memory System
Machine Learning for Data Storage
High-performance, High-capacity, and Reliable Storage Systems
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Sungjin Lee
Degree : Ph.D., Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6313
Mail : sungjin.lee@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Jinhyung Koo(M.S. Candidate)
Mail : jhk5361@dgist.ac.kr

Quantum and Biomedical Optics Lab (QBO lab)

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Research Fields
Diffuse Optical Tomography
Diffuse Speckle Contrast Analysis
Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Random Laser
Quantum Optics
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Kijoon Lee
Degree : Ph.D. Brown University, USA
Tel : 053-785-6620
Mail : kjlee@dgist.ac.kr

Integrated NanoSystems Laboratory

Research Fields
Integrated circuits and microsystems
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Junghyup Lee
Degree : PhD, KAIST, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6319
Mail : jhlee1@dgist.ac.kr

Information Security and Communication Lab

Research Fields
Advanced Communication Techniques for Future Wireless Networks(5G technologies, V2X and M2M communication)
Security Techniques for Emerging Networks(CPS and IoT security)
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Jemin Lee
Degree : PhD, Yonsei University, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6318
Mail : jmnlee@dgist.ac.kr

Computer Vision Lab

Research Fields
Computer Vision
Deep Learning
Robot Vision
Computational Photography
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Sunghoon Im
Degree: KAIST, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6323
Mail : sunghoonim@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Seung Hun Lee(Integrated M.S.& Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : lsh5688@dgist.ac.kr

Advanced Electrical Device Research Group

Research Fields
New electrical device design employing nanotechnology
Study of nanoelectrical device for ultra high frequency region
Development of new Bio-electrical device
Development of wearable electrical system
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Jae Eun Jang
Degree : Ph.D., Cambridge Univ., U.K.
Tel : +82-53-785-6312
Mail : jang1@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Jeong Hee Shin(Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : jeongheess@dgist.ac.kr

Medical Acoustic Fusion Innovation Lab

Research Fields
Medical ultrasound imaging and therapy
Molecular imaging using photoacoustic effect
Combined ultrasound and light techniques for imaging and therapy
Deep learning algorithms for improvement of medical image quality
Ultrasound sensors
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Jin Ho Chang
Degree : Ph.D., University of Southern California, USA
Tel : +82-53-785-6330
Mail : jhchang@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : KIM, Jinwoo (Integrated M.S.& Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : kimjw0319@dgist.ac.kr

Real-Time Computing Lab

Research Fields
Cyber-Physical Systems
Real-Time Systems
System design and analysis with timing guarantees and efficient resource management
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Hoon Sung Chwa
Degree : Ph.D., KAIST, Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6321
Mail : chwahs@dgist.ac.kr

Communication and Signal Processing Lab

Research Fields
In-vehicle network (IVN), Vehicle to everything (V2X)
Drone-aided communications, AI based physical layer security including anti-jamming technology
Near field communications and wireless power transfer
Neural recording & stimulation with AI based processing
Brain-machine/computer interface, BMI/BCI
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Ji-Woong Choi
Degree : Ph.D., Seoul National University,Rep. of Korea
Tel : +82-53-785-6311
Mail : jwchoi@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Sung-Ho Lim(Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : ishdgist@dgist.ac.kr

Networks and Communications Research Group

Research Fields
Wireless and space communication systems
Cross-layer network design
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Ji Hwan Choi
Degree : Ph.D., MIT, USA
Tel : +82-53-785-6308
Mail : jhchoi@dgist.ac.kr
Laboratory Contact
Name : Jong Hyeop Kim(Ph.D. Candidate)
Mail : kimjongyeop@dgist.ac.kr

Multimodal Biomedical Imaging and System Lab

Research Fields
Smartphone-based portable spectral imaging systems
Multimodal endoscopic systems
Multimodal optical/high-frequency ultrasound Imaging and analysis for various biomedical applications
High-frequency ultrasound microbeams and optical imaging convergence
Acoustic radiation force imaging via photoacoustic detection
Advisor Professor
Name : Prof. Jae Youn Hwang
Degree : Ph. D., Univ. of Southern California, USA
Tel : +82-53-785-6317
Mail : jyhwang@dgist.ac.kr