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DGIST Professor Cheol Gi Kim Wins Asian Union of Magnetics Societies(AUMS) Award

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  • 등록일. 2020.12.08
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DGIST Professor Cheol Gi Kim Wins Asian Union of Magnetics Societies(AUMS) Award


Professor Cheol Gi Kim, Department of Emerging Materials Science, DGIST

△ Professor Cheol Gi Kim, Department of Emerging Materials Science, DGIST


 The Asian Union of Magnetics Societies(AUMS) announced  that Professor Cheol Gi Kim of the Department of Emerging Materials Science, DGIST was awarded at the AUMS Award 2020.

 Professor Cheol Gi Kim is a world-renowned scholar in Nano-Bio Medical-Magnetics boundary technology that combines nano magnetic force and bio medicine. He was selected for the award in recognition of his research achievements that have led the development of the spintronics1)  element with excellent magnetic sensing performance and the development of the RACAMMT2), which is a crux of the single cell analysis equipment, using magnetic methods. 

 Based on these achievements, he published over 270 papers in internationally renowned academic journals such as Nature Communications and Advanced Materials, and also registered over 20 domestic and foreign patents including the US and the EU.

 In particular, a domestic electronic component company is building the mass production line for the “3D magnetic sensing device chip,” which boasts the best performance in thermal noise and magnetic resolution. The 3D magnetic sensing device chip is the latest sensor mounted to control direction in mobile phones, automobiles, satellites, and magnetic scanners.

 He is also highly recognized for his contributions to the development of magnetic science by giving lectures at 60 or more international conferences and his career as an organizer of international conferences such as ICM, MISM, Intermag, IcAUMS, and ISAMMA.

 The Asian Union of Magnetics Societies is one of the world's leading magnetism associations along with the European Magnetism Association(EMA). It was established in 2008 led by the magnetics societies of Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan to promote cooperation among Asian countries in the fields of magnetics, magnetic materials and magnetic applications. Vietnam and Russia later joined as member states in 2016, and currently a total of six member states are operating the association through mutual cooperation with the European Magnetics Association.

 For the AUMS Award, which is held biannually, the magnetic societies of the six member states nominate candidates for the award among the scholars who made international achievements and the AUMS chairpersons make the final decision based on the results of the votes of 30 or more international advisors. Professor Kim's winning of the award this year is meaningful since he has became the second Korean to win following  President Shin, KAIST, who won the award in 2016.

 Meanwhile, the awards ceremony was supposed to be held at the AUMS International Conference (IcAUMS), which was scheduled to be held at the Okinawa Convention Center in Japan on Monday December 14. However, it was replaced with an online awards ceremony due to COVID-19 outbreak. Professor Kim will give a speech on the subject of “Nanomagnetic-Bio Fusion Initiative” in commemoration of the award at the next AUMS International Conference, which is slated to be held in April 2022 along with the awards ceremony.


1) Spintronics: A term referring to the new-concept information technology, which utilizes ‘spin’ that means the magnetic direction of the electron and the ‘electronic engineering’

2) Random Access Cell Arrays for Multiplexed Magnetic Tweezers