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DGIST’s No.1 Research Firm Green Mobility to Embark on the Development of Two-wheeled Electric Cars with EME KOREA

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  • 등록일. 2019.06.28
  • 작성자. Public Relations Team

DGIST’s No.1 Research Firm Green Mobility to Embark on the Development of Two-wheeled Electric Cars with EME KOREA
- Korea’s top two-wheeled electric automaker Green Mobility signed partnership agreement with personal e-mobility firm EME Korea
- Declared a new stage of two-wheeled electric vehicle business by integrating core technologies



 DGIST (President Young Kuk) announced at 11am on Monday, June 24 in the research headquarters building that its research firm Green Mobility Co., Ltd. (CEO Seung-ho Oh) and EME Korea (CEO Hong-shik Kim) entered an MOU to embark on the development of electrical two-wheeled vehicles and tricycle-type two-wheeled cars.

 Through this MOU, DGIST will be able to sell 8 models of two-wheeled electric cars including Valencia and Motz Truck manufactured by Green Mobility and government-distributed car models through EME Korea’s sales service network. It is expected that both companies will maximize their synergy through cooperation in various areas such as ▲sharing the supply chain of service and parts, ▲ development of new car models ▲ overseas production, and ▲ export through sales network. 

 CEO Seung-ho Oh of Green Mobility Co., Ltd. said “While we own top-level experiences and technologies in the small personal mobility vehicle field, we have faced difficulties due to the lack of sales network. But we will certainly become a leader in two-wheeled electric cars through cooperation with EME Korea, which has global sales network in Korea and abroad.”

 Moreover, Director of Convergence Research Center and Research Vice President Ho-young Kim at DGIST said “We will provide technology support to Green Mobility in various areas for continuous development, production, and supply of new technologies. Through support in IoT and ICT, we hope to be able to expand our influence over the development of a leading city of future vehicles that Daegu is pushing forward.”

 With support by the City of Daegu, Green Mobility has been putting spurs into two-wheeled car business since the completion of the construction of Korea’s first two-wheeled electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Daegu National Industrial Complex last year. Also, having secured domestic and overseas exclusive sales rights of Ferrari and Velocity in Italy and Phillips in Germany, EME KOREA has developed e-mobility such as 50 models of electric bicycles and scooters, starting sales in Korea and Europe after receiving certifications.