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Technology Trade Platform DGIST T-market Opens

  • 조회. 278
  • 등록일. 2019.11.11
  • 작성자. Public Relations Team

Technology Trade Platform DGIST T-market Opens
- First university to launch open-market online technology platform
- Can search DGIST technology and patent with a search button click
- Expects to promote technology externally and act as priming water for industry-academy cooperation

 DGIST announced that it would open ‘DGIST IPR M&S Platform’ (hereinafter DGIST T-market to sell and purchase DGIST’s technology and intellectual property rights (IPR) on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

 Leading universities in the world including Stanford, MIT, Oxford, and Cambridge have been marketing the technologies they own on an online platform that categorizes technology and has keyword search function. As this platform is becoming the global trend of technology marketing, DGIST became the first university to build an open-market online platform.

 DGIST T-market is a platform that has overcome limitation in technology marketing through offline events such as the conventional technology briefing sessions. It allows technology consumers to directly access the keywords and categories they are interested in to find relevant technology and patent information easily.

 DGIST plans to actively promote the T-market for consumers struggling with technology difficulties to get solutions and find the technologies easily for technology commercialization.  

 Head DGIST Industry-Academy Cooperation Sangcheol Han said “T-market is a very effective platform that can spread DGIST’s technology and events throughout the world. Based on overseas reference cases of the mutual growth of region and university through industry-academy cooperation system and our platform, we expect DGIST T-market to actively promote the technology of great institutions throughout the world and industry-academy cooperation with local companies.

 DGIST T-market platform can be accessed on (https://ouic.dgist.ac.kr/dtm), and inquiries can be made to the Technology Commercialization Team (053-785-1983) of DGIST Industry-Academy Cooperation Division.