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DGIF 2019 New Biology, a Vibrant Academic Event of Sharing New Ideas and Discovering Knowledge

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  • 등록일. 2019.12.04
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DGIF 2019 New Biology, a Vibrant Academic Event of Sharing New Ideas and Discovering Knowledge
- DGIST successfully held 'DGIF 2019 New Biology' and 'DGIF 2019 Emerging Materials Science'
- in-depth discussions on various topics such as overcoming aging and property of 2D materials



 DGIST announced that it held the ‘DGIF 2019 New Biology’ in DGIST Campus on November 28 and the ‘DGIF 2019 Emerging Materials Science’ on November 27 and 28.

 The fourth academic conference of DGIF carried out by the Department of New Biology at DGIST, it was themed on ‘Aging and Metabolism Beyond Aged Biology’. This event was organized to discuss the causes of and solutions for aging and metabolic disease facing the humanity, consisting of lectures, presentations, and poster sessions by 12 leading scholars in the research. 

 DGIF 2019 New Biology especially drew huge attention by introducing the current research status and performances of aging and metabolism research in progress. Professor Jaemin Lee in the Department of New Biology said ‘We introduced the research findings on why cell stress causes obesity and the process of discovering anti-obesity treatments that target cell stress.” Next, Professor Young-sam Lee in the same department successfully discussed his research findings that point out the decline of functions in material transfer in cells as the cause of aging cells.
 ‘DGIF 2019 Emerging Materials Science’ was organized by the Department of New Materials Sciences. Themed on ‘2D Materials: Valley and Topology,’ this academic conference gave interesting presentations on the fundamental physical phenomena of basic properties on the valley and status of 2D materials. The research on ‘Bulk Photovoltaic  observed for the first time by Professor Yijin Zhang at University of Tokyo, who was selected as the ‘Young Scientist’ by ‘Inoue Foundation,’ especially drew huge attention. 

 Presentations on physical properties of 2D materials led to active discussions in a wide variety of fields, such as physics and its basic applications and photoelectric device, drawing the attention and participation of researchers in a wide variety of fields. The conference was followed by presentations and discussions by new researchers on 2D valley and status such as Professor Keunsoo Kim in the Department of Science at Yonsei University who received the ‘Scholar of the Month’ Award, and Professor Gilho Lee at the POSCO Department of Physics who won the ‘Bombi (Spring Rain) Physics Award.’

 Professor Pyung Ok Lim in the Department of New Biology said “In this super-aging society, DGIF 2019-New Biology composed of presentations on aging and metabolism research which is closely related to life extension. We believe that this was a great opportunity for researchers to share and exchange their ideas.” 

 Also, Professor JaeDong Lee in the Department of New Materials Sciences said “Through the DGIF 2019 Emerging Materials Science, we sought to provide opportunities for various discussions on the physical properties of 2D materials. It was a successful academic conference with vibrant discussions on research.”

 DGIF 2019 will come to a finale with concluding seminar on November 29. Inquiries can be made to the University Team at 053-785-6922.