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'DGIF 2019-Energy' ends with success

  • 조회. 288
  • 등록일. 2019.11.20
  • 작성자. Public Relations Team

'DGIF 2019-Energy' ends with success
- DGIST held the second event of DGIF 2019 'DGIF 2019-Energy'
- Various academic discussions on R&D of optoelectronic Materials technology


 DGIST had the ‘DGIF 2019-Energy (DGIST Global Innovation Festival 2019)’ on Nov. 11-12 (Monday – Tuesday) on its campus. The second event of ‘DGIST 2019,’ this academic conference held various events such as seminars on ‘Advanced Optoelectronic Materials’ and lectures by renowned researchers.



 Organized by the Department of Energy Engineering, this event had various discussions on Optoelectronic Materials as well. Prof. Jiwoong Park’s presentation especially drew huge attention as the first event on November 11. As the second editor of international journal ‘Nano Letters’ and a professor at the University of Chicago in the U.S., Prof. Park aroused many audience members’ attention by discussing researches and the development of atom-level nano thin film technology.



 On the 12th, Prof. Prashant V. Kamat at the University of Notre Dame in the U.S., who is also the first editor of the energy sector international journal ‘ACS Energy Letters,’ delivered a presentation, introducing a research on semiconductor nanostructure control for optoelectronic device.

 The academic conference also introduced the current researches and performances of optoelectronic materials by DGIST. On the first day, Prof. Jong-Soo Lee in the department of Energy Engineering talked about research findings on ‘Optoelectronic Devices using Quantum Dots and 2D TMDC Hybrid Materials.’ 
On the following day, Prof. Dae Sung Chung from the same department presented his research findings on ‘Image Sensor that does not need Color Filter,’ while Prof. Youngu Lee introduced research findings on ‘Flexible Optoelectronic Device based on Metal Nanowire Transparent Electrode.’

 Moreover, 11 experts in the Optoelectronic and energy materials field in Korea and abroad participated as speakers, such as Chair Prof. Taekhwan Hyeon at Seoul National University—who is also the Director of Nano-Particle Research Center, Prof. Sang-Woo Kim at Sungkyunkwan University, and Prof. Taiho Park from POSTECH. They led discussions on various topics in energy development such as Optoelectronic Device and Energy Harvesting.

 Chair Prof. Youngu Lee in the Department of Energy Engineering said “Through DGIF 2019-Energy, we plan to arrange opportunities for experts to exchange their findings and cooperate on the R&D of Optoelectronic Materials to solve global energy problems that are rapidly emerging. This year’s academic conference was encouraging as the experts could have various discussions on Optoelectronic Device research.”