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Technopolis graduation parade rises to a New Graduation Culture

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  • 등록일. 2019.02.01
  • 작성자. Public Relations Team

Technopolis graduation parade rises to a New Graduation Culture

- A unique graduation ceremony with a parade of 1,500 graduates from 7 schools including DGIST in Daegu Technopolis
- Became a regional cultural festival congratulated by citizens
- DGIST produced 241 graduates with bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in the 2019 degree conferment ceremony 


On Friday, February 1st, 7 schools near Daegu Technopolis (DGIST, Posan High School, Hyeonpoong High School, Posan Middle School, Hyeonpoong Middle School, Biseul Elementary School, Posan Elementary School) held graduation ceremonies with ‘2019 Technopolis Graduation Parade’ (hereinafter ‘graduation parade’) along the 1.8km areas of Hyeonpoong-myeon and Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun in Daegu.

The graduation parade that started at 1pm was participated by 1,500 students including the graduates of 7 schools such as DGIST, parents, faculty members, and local residents and was evaluated as a regional festival representing Daegu Technopolis.

Starting off with a congratulatory performance of a Brazilian percussion performance team, the parade drew the attention of citizens on streets with firecrackers and colorful balloons. Especially, performance by Posan Middle School’s dance team led the parade to its climax. Citizens on streets and graduates both sent a big round of applause to the dance performance along the latest songs.

Ms. Seonghee Ahn, a parent of graduate from Biseul Elementary School said “I was worried at first after hearing about the parade because the weather was too cold and I wasn’t too familiar with it, but now I’m very happy about the festival that everyone enjoyed together and left the children with great memories.”

Principal Hyerang Na of Posan Middle School, the co-organizer of the parade, said “I wanted to create a graduation ceremony that would be an interesting memory for students instead of a typical ceremony of degree conferment. I’d like to appreciate the local residents who congratulated all graduates on streets despite the cold weather.”

Unlike existing graduation ceremonies, the graduation parade coordinated by 7 schools including DGIST began as a festival to present a memory for students as well as for all parents, faculty members, and local residents to enjoy through a unique graduation ceremony culture and celebrated its 2nd time this year. 



A graduation parade can be seen in prestigious overseas universities such as Cambridge University and Oxford University in the U.K. It was held for the first time in Daegu Technopolis where DGIST is located.

Acting President Youngchan Bae of DGIST who supervised and directed the graduation parade said “As a specialized science and technology university, DGIST has strived to always communicate with the region in order to nurture talented scientists and engineers of Korea. Through the 2019 Technopolis graduation parade, we will cooperate further with our region.”

Meanwhile, DGIST had ‘2019 DGIST Degree Conferment Ceremony’ in the university headquarters after the graduation parade. It was attended by 500 people including First Secretary Miok Moon from Ministry of Science and ICT, Daegu Mayor Youngjin Kwon, District Head Munoh Kim, Executive Director Jongsoo Woo of DGIST, and Director Pangil Seo of the Korea Institute of Brain Sciences. In this degree conferment ceremony, 241 students were awarded degrees: 131 bachelor’s, 79 master’s, and 31 doctoral degrees.

The degree conferment ceremony selected 7 graduates who showed remarkable performances during their attendance at school. Ph.D graduate Jong-yeob Kim in Information and Communication Engineering Major received the Minister of Science and ICT Award, and Hyeseul Excellent Research Paper Award was given to Ph.D. graduate Minji Kwon in Brain and Cognitive Sciences Major. Finally, the DGIST Presidential Award which his given to the top undergraduate student was given to college graduate Dahyeon Kim.

Encouraging the impressive performances and new beginning of DGIST graduates, First Secretary Miok Moon from the Ministry of Science and ICT who attended the degree conferment ceremony emphasized that “The government will support the graduates’ future life as scientists and engineers by improving the conditions and treatment of scientists and engineers.”