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DGIST held the Completion Ceremony for the 4th Venture Leader Course

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  • 등록일. 2019.02.15
  • 작성자. Public Relations Team

DGIST held the Completion Ceremony for the 4th Technical Venture-leader Academy
- 22 students completed the 4th Technical Venture-leader Academy DGIST
- Excellent achievements such as winning awards, startups, and attracting 43 investments.



DGIST (Acting President Youngchan Bae) held the ‘Completion Ceremony for 4th Technical Venture-leader Academy’ at DGIST in the International Conference Room of Research and Administration Room at 3pm on Thursday, February 14.

DGIST Technical Venture-leader Academy is a program to nurture ‘Technical Venture-leaders’ who can adapt to the rapidly-changing new technologies through the Innovation Management Education. Since 2015, this course has been carried out to prospective entrepreneurs and corporate employees.

The Technical Venture-leader Academy especially offers systematic startup education such as Venture Management, R&D Management, Technology Venture Finance, and Technology Startup Law classes that are essential for corporate management. It also runs practical and participatory curriculum including business plan contest, venture corporate internship, and Silicon Valley experience program, contributed to creating a science and technology-based corporate startup environment.

The ceremony was attended by about 100 people, including the students who completed the 4th course, new students for the 5th course, and university faculty members. Various guests and visitors also attended the ceremony, such as Byeong-chang Seo, President of DGIST Graduate School, Chang-hee Hyeon, the Head of Industry-Academy Cooperation Consortium, Kyeong-joon Son, the Director of Daegu Gyeongbuk Training Institute at the Small & Medium Business Corporation, Hong-man Kwon, the Head of Daegu Startup Branch at the Credit Guarantee Fund, and Won-woo Hong, the Head of Seo-Daegu Branch in the Technology Credit Guarantee Fund. 

Among the students who completed the 4th course, CEO Myeong-sam Kim of Optixon Co., Ltd. showed his potential as a promising technical venture-leader by winning in ‘D.DAY,’ the best debut stage for startups in Korea. Also, the students achieved remarkable performance by winning awards in 7 contest and applying for 20 intellectual property rights, earning recognition for their innovation management capabilities in and outside as technical venture leader
Moreover, 22 students who finished the 4th Technical Venture-leader Academy attracted an investment of 1.7 billion KRW in total, including CEO Myeong-sam Kim of Optixon who succeeded in attracting an investment of 250 million KRW, CEO Jaeha Song of JinTech, CEO Joon-hyeok Choi of OOBIK Co., ltd., CEO Yoomi Kang of OSO Co., Ltd., and CEO Joon-hee Park of Yeogiyo Co., ltd. among the students.

Senior Professor Dong-ha Lee of Technical Venture-leader Academy at DGIST said “We’d like to sincerely congratulate the 22 students who made remarkable performances and completed the course over the past year. Like DGIST’s vision to change the world through innovations, we hope that the students of 4th course show the power to change the society as innovative technical venture leaders”

Meanwhile, DGIST will be starting the 5th Technical Venture-leader Academy for 20 new students such as the CEOs of technology ventures and small/medium-sized companies from March this year.