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DGIST Core Protein Resources Center on Track to Support

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  • 등록일. 2019.12.02
  • 작성자. Public Relations Team

DGIST Core Protein Resources Center on Track to Support
- To support protein research using DGIST research infrastructure
- Will help bio firms with equipment use and technology support 


△Inside the Advanced Analysis Lab of DGIST Core Protein Resources Center. 
Animal Cell Culture Lab, Molecular Cell Biology Lab, Cold Room, Protein Biochemistry Lab (clockwise from left)

 DGIST announced on Wed., November 27 that the Core Protein Resources Center (Director Iksoo Chang) will start providing advanced technology support such as protein materials, parts, and equipment to biomedicine companies, universities, and research institutes in South Korea from December. 

 Demanded by medical, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic agent industries, protein-based research requires highly-advanced technology and infrastructure such as independent materials, parts, production equipment, professional experts, etc. Despite continuous efforts by many bio firms for protein research and development, they still face shortage of technology and infrastructure. 

 Established in 2016 in order to support them, the Core Protein Resources Center at DGIST has integrated the 4 core resources: Protein materials and big data resources, protein production parts, equipment, core personnel, and advanced technology.

 The center’s major tasks are to preemptively secure protein enzyme resources and related core technology for commercialization and conduct innovative research and development on higher value-added protein. The center has also recently succeeded in establishing advanced R&D pipeline, which realizes 3D structure super-computing design of medical useful protein and enzyme, protein production, advanced protein analysis based on mass analysis, and functionality verification.

 Director Iksoo Chang said “The Core Protein Resources Center acts as a nationwide R&D center behind the scene which supports innovative research and development of biomedical and medicinal companies as well as new medicine development. Currently, we are verifying the functions of 10 proteins used for medicinal treatments after completing their production, quality advancement, and characteristic analysis. We’re also actively carrying out exchanges and cooperation with more than 20 companies and research groups.”

 Inquiries for advice on equipment use and technologies from Core Protein Resources Center can be made at its website (https://cprc.dgist.ac.kr), phone number, (+82-53-785-2562) or email (cprc@dgist.ac.kr).