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'DGIF 2019' of Knowledge Sharing for Scientific Innovation Ended Successfully

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  • 등록일. 2019.12.06
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'DGIF 2019' of Knowledge Sharing for Scientific Innovation Ended Successfully
DGIST held the last academic event DGIF 2019 Seminar on Nov. 29
Had research presentations on AI technology applications used in various fields



 DGIST hosted DGIF 2019 Joint Seminar, the last event of ‘DGIF 2019 (DGIST Global Innovation Festival 2019),’ at DGIST campus on Friday, November 29. The event drew huge responses of the participants as various scholars from domestic and overseas academia shared the latest research trends and scientific technology as well as had fruitful discussions on new development directions.

 ‘DGIF 2019 Joint Seminar’ was the last academic event wrapping up ‘DGIS 2019’ which was carried out by each major. It was highly evaluated as a great opportunity to share lectures on AI, the key technology in the era of 4th industrial revolution, performances on technology research and development by DGIST, as well as knowledge on innovative research and development.



 A presentation on the ‘AI capable of Autonomous Learning’ by Professor Seong-mun Jeong in the Center for Medical AI Research at Kyungpook National University Hospital drew significant attention. He introduced various cases where AI used in the medical field by explaining basic principles, with his research on human’s autonomous development. 

 Also, Professor Doheon Lee at the Department of Bio and Brain Engineering at KAIST delivered a lecture on ‘Biomedical Innovation using AI and Big Data.’ He drew huge responses from the audience by introducing specific examples of a new paradigm in AI biomedical technology and envisioning the future of technology development.



 During the seminar, DGIST faculty members and researchers conducting AI research delivered lectures as well, such as Professor Inkyu Mun and Professor Sanghyeon Park in the Department of Robotics Engineering at DGIST as well as Senior Researcher Wooyeong Jeong and Senior Researcher Myeongkyu Son in the Future Automobile Research. Particularly, Professor Seonghun Lim in Department of Information & Communication Engineering at DGIST captured the participants’ attention by introducing the 3D structure recovery method (multi-view stereo matching), which is strong on environmental changes, and how to estimate the kinetic information of traffic participants.

 President Young Kuk of DGIST said in the opening remark for DGIF 2019 Joint Seminar that “As the leading technology of industrial revolution, AI has far-reaching effects when it is converges with the medical and bio fields and autonomous driving technology and is expected to rapidly change human life in each field. Based on its established infrastructure such as the Center for Super Computing, Big Data, and Central Devices and the Semiconductor Lab, DGIST will strive its best in nurturing core talents in the field of AI.”




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