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Convergence Research Advanced Center for Olfaction, Selected as ‘University-centric Research Center’

  • 조회. 608
  • 등록일. 2020.06.30
  • 작성자. Public Relations Team

 DGIST announced Tuesday, June 30 that Convergence Research Advanced Center for Olfaction (Director Cheil Moon) was selected as a project to support university-centric research centers in engineering fields, by the Ministry of Education and the National Research Foundation of Korea.


The team of DGIST Olfactory Convergence Research Center selected as a university-focused research

▲ The team of DGIST Olfactory Convergence Research Center selected as a university-focused research 


 The project for supporting university-centric research center aims to train excellent researchers by choosing leading university research centers in engineering field and strengthening their research infrastructure. DGIST will receive a total of 6.9 billion KRW from the government for maximum period of 9 years. Also, out of strong empathy on the importance of the research, the City of Daegu agreed to provide 700 million KRW during the same period.

 Convergence Research Advanced Center for Olfaction in DGIST was established in 2014 to create a convergence in various scientific field and to develop and commercialize source technologies using olfactory sense, the most essential and important sense that is newly emerging with the advent of brain revolution in the 21st century. So the research center intends to provide the technologies and know-hows needed for the transition into future industries with high added-value in area of national and regional industries.

 Also, academic experts in brain science, cognitive science, and information and communication are all participating in the center’s research, meaning that the center has been operating since its establishment, as a model of university-research cooperation by both DGIST's undergraduate and research departments by publishing 140 top papers, securing 140 domestic and overseas patents, making technology transfer, and founding small research firms through multidisciplinary convergence research.

 Through the project, the research center aims to: ▲ Deepen the basic olfactory-oriented research and develop source technologies that link research achievements; ▲ Support the commercialization of olfactory-related fragrance and bio industries; and ▲ train and educate professional researchers and fragrance industry experts in the olfactory convergence field. The center especially plans to build a professional researcher training platform to jointly run a program to train experts in the perfume industry in connection with a specialized education program for the perfume industry in France.

 Professor Cheil Moon in charge of research said, “We seek to cultivate professional researchers by driving olfactory knowledge and skills for the future society that values quality of life from basic research to Bench-to-Business research. Through cooperation with industry experts and companies, we will secure our status as a regional-based global olfactory convergence research center."