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DGIF 2018, the Festival of Technology Innovation

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  • 등록일. 2018.12.26
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DGIF 2018, the Festival of Technology Innovation
- A place where state-of-the-art technology connects people, firms, and communities -

DGIST held the ‘Daegu Technopolis Grand Innovation Festival 2018 (DGIF 2018)’ at DGIST Campus and Daegu National Science Museum for 3 days from Thursday, November 29 to Saturday, December 1. Since 2012, DGIT was held as an academic conference until last year. In this year, the event has been reformed its 7th year into ‘Technology Innovation Festival’ with DGIST members, firms, and the branches of funded research centers in Daegu Technopolis.

Starting with the lectures by CEO Sang-ho Lee of Mand.ro Co., Ltd. and Director Yong-seob Kim in Keen Creativity Lab, ‘DGIF 2018’ provided attractions of various science themes such as leading technology exhibitions, briefing sessions, academic sessions, and science experience booths. It offers diverse science experience events in connection with the Daegu National Science Museum and experience booths by science clubs in local elementary, middle, and high schools. 

Also, branches of funded research centers and companies in the Technopolis will participate to exhibit top research achievements and technologies. During the event, DGIST created ‘Innovation and Convergence Hall’ consisting of 4 halls including the ▲Next Generation Bio Hall, ▲Nano & Clean Energy Hall, ▲IT & Future Automobile Hall, and ▲AI & Robot Hall and present research achievements and technologies that will lead the future. Especially, the urban energy supply model using next generation solar cell by Solar Energy Research Center was a great opportunity for people to have a sense of future ecofriendly cities. 

The funded research centers exhibited research achievements related to next generation science technology with the participation of 5 institutes: Korea Automotive Technology Institute (KATECH), Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, and the Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM). The 7 participating firms include Hyundai Robotics Co., Ltd., Pyunghwa Holdings Co., Ltd., SL, Co., Ltd.

In addition, there were various events for regular visitors to attend. First, ‘DGIST Drawing Contest’ will be held for elementary, middle, and high school students within the Technopolis area and ‘First-class Infra Center Tour’ will also be arranged to tour research facilities in DGIST.

Especially, a session on the School of Undergraduate Studies was also given for prospective students and parents during the DGIF period. It provides them with an opportunity to learn more about the school before they make a new start through the tour of DGIST and briefing session, while seeking advice to become future scientists at DGIST.

Chairman Dae-im Kang of DGIF 2018 Organizing Committee said that “This innovation festival will play a pivotal role of cooperation for science and technology development. By striving to make DGIF a mecca leading science technology development in South Korea, we hope to contribute to the creation of jobs through industry-university cooperation in the future through DGIF.”
Meanwhile, DGIF 2018 is sponsored by Daegu Metropolitan City and Dalseong-gun. Inquiries can be made to DGIF 2018 Organizing Committee (053-785-1422, 1424). The website for DGIF 2018 is https://dgif.dgist.ac.kr/.


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