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DGIST-GIST to co-host 'AI Workshop'

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  • 등록일. 2020.08.12
  • 작성자. Public Relations Team

Joint AI Workshop to Share and Exchange Latest R&D Technologies in AI


▲ DGIST-GIST 'Dal-Bit (meaning ‘moonlight’) AI Workshop' was held via Zoom from 1 p.m. on Tuesday, August 11.


Two ISTs(Institute of Science and Technology) located in Daegu and Gwangju respectively had a meaningful event for sharing knowledge for AI research. DGIST and GIST co-held the ‘Dal-Bit AI Workshop 2020’ at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, August 11.

‘Dal-Bit(meaning ‘moonlight’) AI workshop’ which was jointly held by the Department of Information and Communication Engineering at DGIST and GIST’s AI Graduate School, was hosted through Zoom as an online workshop. Experts from both schools including professors, researchers and graduate school students shared latest R&D technologies they are currently engaged in on the theme of ‘Light-weighting AI and Reinforcement Learning.’ 

In the first session, the research team of Professor Yeseong Kim of the Department of Information and Communication Engineering at DGIST gave an presentation about light-weighted AI model based on the Brain-inspired Hyper-dimensional computing and the team led by Professor Jonghyun Choi of GIST’s AI Graduate School introduced a light-weighted AI model for visual recognition in the edge devices that the team has developed.

On the following session, the team led by Professor Kyung-Joong Kim of the School of Integrated Technology, GIST introduced and presented an offline learning methodology and its application, using vast amount of data that has been accumulated in the past. Subsequently, the research team led by Professor Jeongho Kwak of the Department of Information and Communication Engineering at DGIST introduced reinforcement learning techniques for contents caching network.

Kyung-Joon Park, professor of the Department of Information and Communication Engineering at DGIST, said, “The workshop is for the exchange of the latest information on the development of light-weight AI model and reinforcement learning technologies that both schools are focusing on” and then further added, “I hope the event could serve as the groundwork for the promotion of joint research and carry out important research that can ultimately contribute to the advancement of AI technology in the future.”

Jongwon Kim, the Dean of GIST AI Graduate School, said, “As the Dal-Bit AI Workshop served its’ role as a trigger for the collaboration between experts from both institutions by sharing their latest achievements, I am expecting it could bring closer relationship between the two schools for research collaboration, as well as more opportunity to share the latest information in the AI field and activate research exchange.”