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DGIST Wins the 2019 ENV-INFO System Grand Prize

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  • 등록일. 2019.06.17
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DGIST Wins the 2019 ENV-INFO System Grand Prize
- Selected as top institution of green management out of 1,539 companies and institutions
- Technical Specialist Jang-hyo Bae of DGIST Facility Team received the Minister of Environment Award

▶DGIST is taking a photo after winning the Grand Prize at 2019 ENV-INFO System Award Ceremony held in Seoul EL Tower on Thursday, June 13.


DGIST (President Young Kuk) announced on Friday, June 14 that it was selected as the top institution in the 2019 ENV-INFO System by the Ministry of Environment and received the Grand Prize during the award ceremony held in EL Tower in Seocho-gu, Seoul on Thursday, June 13.

DGIST’s green management and ecofriendly policies drew huge attention in this year’s ENV-INFO System that disclosed the environmental information of 1,539 companies and organizations from 2017. During the evaluation consisting of transfer assessment and onsite inspection, DGIST received high scores in a variety of aspects such as greenhouse reduction device, geothermal cooling and heating system, as well as facility improvement and education to minimize environmental damage.

Along with the institutional award, Technical Specialist Jang-hyo Bae of DGIST Facility team also won the Minister of Environment Award, recognized for his contribution to environmental information disclosure. 

Technical Specialist Jang-hyo Bae said “I was very proud that I could contribute to the DGIST’s evaluation as the top ecofriendly institution. From now on I will work my best to improve some of the relatively weak areas through this evaluation.”

The Ministry of Environment has been disclosing the environmental information of 1,500 companies and institutions since 2011. This information is used as the basic data of various environmental researches such as building big data on environment and identifying the environmental status by region.