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DGIST Signs MOU with Dalseong Health Center

  • 조회. 351
  • 등록일. 2020.09.29
  • 작성자. Public Relations Team

▲ Ju-Tak Han, the Head of DGIST Office of General Administration (Left), and Mi-Yeong Park, the Head of Dalseong Health Center (Right), taking photo after signing MOU.


 DGIST signed an MOU with Dalseong Health Center for the further establishment of an organic cooperative system in the field of health care, Monday, September 28th. Meanwhile, DGIST provided the health center with personal protective equipments to support their efforts to overcome COVID-19.

 The two institutions agreed to establish a system to prevent a spread of COVID-19 in local society and to immediately response in case of emergency. They also agreed on mutual support of their  human resources, equipment, and facilities including further information exchanges.

 They also agreed on ▲mutual cooperation for the management in the field of health care, ▲ Reciprocal share of information and facilities, and ▲ handling in the field of local health care.

 President Yang Kuk of DGIST extended his gratitude for the cooperation of Dalseong Health Center with conducting COVID-19 tests recently to students who came from the capital area and said, “All members of DGIST are doing their best to stick to the individual quarantine rules to prevent infections” and added, “Based on the MOU, we, DGIST and Dalseong Health Center, will establish a system for cooperative management of local health and containment of the COVID-19.”

 Mi-Yeong Park, the head of the Dalseong Health Center also expressed her appreciation for the supplies and said, “We will do our best to establish a flexible response system with DGIST and make every effort to stabilize the local health by controlling the spread of various infectious diseases including COVID-19 ”


▲DGIST officials and Dalseong Health Center officials taking photograph after signing MOU.