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World Friends ICT Volunteers

DGIST World Friends ICT Volunteers is overseas volunteer program organized by DGIST and NIA (National Information Society Agency). World Friends ICT Volunteers are dispatched to institutions overseas to support increasing the quality of life by building ICT capacity. Volunteers offers ICT courses, carry out ICT projects with students of the institutions, and run cultural program overseas for 4 weeks during summer.

Program Overview

  • Countries: Vietnam, Ghana
  • Institutions Dispatched to :
    • Vietnam : College of ICT, Can Tho University, Can Tho
    • Ghana : TBD for 2019
  • Number of Volunteers
    • Vary from year to year. TBD for 2019
    • 2017 : 20, 2018 : 24 volunteers
  • Activity
    • ICT courses : Web Programming, Image/Video Editing, scratch, MS office
    • ICT project
    • Cultural program : Korean culture


  • DGIST undergraduate students without disciplinary records
  • English Proficiency Test Score
    • IT Education: TOEIC 650, TOEIC Speaking Level 5 (120), OPIc IL, TOEFL CBT 193, IBT 70, ITP 500, IELTS 5.5, TEPS 610 or higher
    • Cultural Exchange: TOEIC 730, TOEIC Speaking Level 6 (130), OPIc IM, TOEFL CBT 210, IBT 76, ITP 530, IELTS 6.0, TEPS 630 or higher


      • Information session for World Friends ICT Volunteers is held in March and application starts in April. Application should be made in a team with 4 members, which consists of 3 students in charge of IT class and 1 student in charge of cultural program. Application documents are Application form (including IT and cultural class plan) and copy of English Proficiency Test Score.
      • Successful applicants will be decided after document screening and IT lecture demonstration in English. Once final teams are announced, pre-departure sessions will be held in June. The contents of pre-departure sessions includes safety information, emergency medical service information, and host countries’ language and culture.
        • Benefits

          • Successful teams will receive financial support of round-trip airfare, health insurance and living allowance and other items. IT equipments to be used for IT classes and ICT-related projects will also be provided to volunteers and the IT equipments will be donated to the host institutions after completion of volunteer program.