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Research Internship for Undergraduate Students

DGIST Research Internship for Undergraduates aims to provide talented Korean and international students with opportunities to experience research environment of DGIST during summer or winter. Participants will serve their internship at the lab of their choice under the guidance of DGIST faculty members as visiting research students. This program will provide students with valuable experience in research and personal growth while immersed in a foreign culture.

Program Period

  • Summer : June 24 to August 2, 2019 (6 weeks)
  • Winter : Early January to Mid February (5 weeks)


  • Undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in undergraduate degree program and have completed at least 4 semesters at the time of participation
  • Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5/4.3 or higher
  • Students with high levels of English language proficiency


  • Application Period
    • Summer : March to April (March 8 to April 7, 2019)
    • Winter : Late September to Early October
  • Application Documents
    • Application form for DGIST Research Internship, including research proposal and personal statement
    • A digital copy of academic transcript in English
    • A copy of passport
    • A copy of English Language Proficiency Test Certificate (if applicable)
    • A letter of recommendation (to be directly submitted by academic advisor or faculty member to irt@dgist.ac.kr)
  • How to Apply
    • (1) Send all application documents to irt@dgist.ac.kr by the deadline.
    • (2) Ask academic advisor or faculty member who knows well about applicant’s research interest and academic ability to send the letter of recommendation by e-mail to irt@dgist.ac.kr by the deadline.
    • * Please note that if the letter of recommendation does not arrive until the deadline, the application will not be valid.


    • Screening: Department Chair and relevant faculty members will review all application documents, including letters of recommendation, and make a decision on acceptance to the program.
    • Acceptance to the Program: Results will be announced within 2 weeks from the closing day of application by email. If a student is accepted to the program, the student will receive “Research Internship Acceptance Letter” issued by the department the student applied to
    • Registration for Visiting Research Student: Within a few weeks from the date of results announcement, International Affairs Team will contact the student for “Visiting Research Student” registration. Please note that students are required to submit a copy of booked flight itinerary (round trip) in English, Tuberculosis test result (taken within 3 months prior to DGIST student dormitory check-in, in English) and a copy of health insurance policy (in English) which covers medical expenses to be incurred during his/her stay at Korea.


    • Financial Support : All participants will be provided with allowance for their accommodation and meals. The amount of allowance is KRW 800,000 for summer session and KRW 700,000 for winter session.
    • Accommodation : DGIST Student Dormitory (Biseul Village) will be arranged for research students. Please note that students are responsible for dormitory fee (Approximately USD 7 a day). Please visit https://dorm.dgist.ac.kr for information on DGIST Student Dormitory.
    • Korean Culture Experience Activities: International research students will have chances to experience Korean culture and society first hand every two weeks.

    Life at DGIST

    • DGIST Buddies will be arranged for exchange students. The Buddies will provide exchange students supports to help them to be settled down in DGIST easily.
    • Orientation for exchange students by International Affairs Team will be provided within 7 working days from the date of student’s arrival. Campus-life related guidance and assistance for international members are available at the Global Lounge throughout the year.
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