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Exchange Program

The Inbound Exchange Student Program provides an opportunity for students from our partner institutions to study at DGIST while being immersed in Korean culture for either one semester or one year. This program is based on an institutional student exchange agreement between DGIST and our partner institutions.

Exchange students have the opportunity to take courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at DGIST, and the credits earned will be transferred into their home institutions' credit system.

Academic Calendar

* Degree program duration

  • Bachelor : 4 years
  • Master : 2 years in general
  • Ph.D. : 3 years or more


  • Undergraduate or graduate students nominated by the Student Exchange coordinator at partner institutions are eligible to apply.
  • All courses at DGIST Graduate School are delivered in English. On the other hand, only a few courses are currently offered in English in the Undergraduate School. Therefore, DGIST only accepts exchange students who can study in the Graduate School (Master's, Ph.D., Level M1, M2, etc.).
  • Exchange students must possess sufficient ability to converse, read and write in English. To meet the instructional needs of students, English language proficiency with a level of CEFR B2, IELTS 6.0, TOEFL iBT 80, or above is highly recommended.
  • The eligibility requirements may vary for each institution. Please check the detailed requirements for your institution with your international student exchange advisors.


  • Nomination : The Student Exchange coordinator of the home institution will nominate eligible students by mid-March for the Fall semester or mid-October for the Spring Semester.
  • Application : Once DGIST receives a list of nominated students, the students will be contacted by DGIST, and advised to submit the following documents by mid-April for the Fall semester or mid-October for the Spring semester.
    • 1) Application form
    • 2) Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • 3) A copy of the academic transcript in English
    • 4) Evidence of English language proficiency (either a copy of the English Proficiency Test Report or a letter of recommendation by academic advisor/faculty member in the home institution in English)
  • Application Review : DGIST will review the documents and make the final decisions for admissions. DGIST will inform the partner universities and the applicants of the result by the end of May for the Fall semester or the end of November for the Spring semester.
  • Registration : Once admission is approved by DGIST, the students are asked to send the following documents.
    • The documents required to issue an admission certificate should be submitted by mid-June for the Fall semester or mid-December for the Spring semester.
      • 1) A copy of the passport ID page
      • 2) A digital copy of the photo
    • The documents required for registration and dorm reservation should be submitted by mid-July for the Fall semester or mid-January for the Spring semester.
      • 1) Certificate of financial support (Proof of Funding)
      • 2) A copy of the Tuberculosis test result (Chest X-ray) in English
      • 3) A copy of the Hepatitis (type)B test results in English
      • 4) A copy of the health insurance certificate of coverage in English
      • 5) Date of Arrival to & Departure from DGIST, Room Type Preference
      • 6) A copy of the booked flight itinerary
  • Visa : The exchange students need to obtain a D-2-6 visa to study in Korea, Rep. of. Successful candidates are asked to apply for the visa at the website(http://www.visaforkorea.eu/) DGIST will send the documents (Certificate of Admission, Invitation Letter, Certificate of Business Registration of DGIST) required for applying for a visa to the successful candidates in June for the Fall semester or December for the Spring semester.
  • Medical Insurance : Exchange students are required to have sufficient medical insurance to cover healthcare costs during the exchange program. They must also provide a certificate of insurance to DGIST, which should include subscriber information, insurance coverage period, and coverage amount.
  • Account Creation and Registration for Courses : • The exchange students must create their accounts at DGIST Student Portal for course registration in early August for the Fall semester or in early February for the Spring semester. The Educational Affairs and Records Team of DGIST will notify the students of the detailed schedule and process. Please find a list of courses at LINK (https://welcome.dgist.ac.kr/ucs/ucsqProfRespSbjtInq/index.do)

Recommended Class Load

  • 12~15 credits (usually 4~5 courses) per semester
  • * 1 course is usually for 3 credits

Life at DGIST

  • DGIST Buddy : DGIST students will help the exchange students to settle down in DGIST. The name and contact information of the buddy will be provided to exchange students directly.
  • Orientation : DGIST conducts orientation in Global Lounge(E 261) in the first week of the exchange students’ stay. It includes providing information related to life in DGIST and campus tours.
  • Dormitory: DGIST will reserve a room in the on-campus student dormitory after receiving information on the estimated date of arrival and departure of each student. Students are responsible for paying the room charge, and DGIST will cover the cost of electricity and water.
  • ARC (외국인등록증) : The Alien Registration Card (ARC) is an identification card for international individuals living in Korea. It is required for those staying in Korea for over 90 days. As a D-2 visa holder returning to their home country, it is necessary to turn in your ARC at the Airport Immigration Office, after which it will be invalidated.
  • NHIS (국민건강보험) : Once you receive your ARC number, you will be automatically enrolled in the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS). This subscription will provide you with the same benefits as Korean citizens for various medical issues. However, please note that monthly payments will be required. If a student wishes to cancel their NHIS registration, the Center for International Affairs will assist in submitting the application for exclusion and providing proof that the student has coverage equivalent to NHIS.
  • Korean Language Learning : Korean language courses (Level 1, Level 2) are offered every semester for international members of DGIST. This is a great opportunity to learn basic Korean language and culture and meet other international members. Please note that it is not mandatory for exchange students to take these courses. Students who wish to take Korean language courses must register during the “Course Registration Period”.
  • Guidebook for members : If you would like to find out more information about campus life at DGIST, please refer to the “DGIST Guide Book” available at https://www.dgist.ac.kr/en/html/sub04/040603.html