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User Cooperation for Facility Management

Energy Conservation

  • Power and water saving
  • Controls the use of central cooler and heater
  • Inspects the energy saving status by patrolling each building and prevents energy waste in advance through education

Facility Management

  • Since the facilities, pluming, gas, and electrical facilities inside the buildings cannot be renovated and installed randomly, the Facility Management Team must be consulted to change a facility.
  • When installing a facility of ‘Handle with care’ in a lab, the necessary safety measures must be taken and the relevant department’s confirmation must be obtained to use.
  • Make sure to turn of the power switch and close the windows after work hours.

Facility Breakdown Report

Facility breakdown of this institution must be reported to the Facility Management Office (0190, 0191, 0192), and the Facility Management Office and the Facility Management Team must connect to take a quick measure.