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Issuance of Certificates 

Types of Certificates

Graduation, Expected graduation, completion, Expected completion, Enrollment, Expulsion, Leave of absence, Transcripts, Other certificates


  • 'Expected Graduation Certificate' and 'Expected Completion Certificate' can be issued automatically only for expected graduates of the corresponding semester; inquire at the Undergraduate Management Team for other cases
  • 'Other Certificates’ can be issued directly after a review by the Undergraduate Management Team

Issuing method

Internet certificate issuance : Internet certificate issuance: A student directly requests and prints a certificate on the internet

  • Go to the student portal system(http://my.DGIST.ac.kr) Go Directly ⇒ Click on "Certificate Issuance" menu ⇒ Access the certificate issuance website ⇒ Request and print the certificate request
  • Contact information for system inquiries : TEL. 1544-5973

Certificate from automatic issuing machine : Directly request a certificate on the issuing machine installed on campus

  • Installed places : 1st floor of Academic Information Hall (E8), 1st floor of university headquarters (E1), L floor of Consilience Hall (E7)
  • Hours of use : 24 hours
  • Contact information for system inquiries : TEL. 1544-5973

Direct issuance : Visit the Undergraduate Management Team (university headquarters Rm 501) and submit the Academic Certificate Issuance Request

Hours of use : Mon ~ Fri 9:00 ~ 12:00, 13:00 ~ 18:00

Issuing fee

Issuing fee
Types Fee (Korean, English) Payment method
Internet certificate issuance Free -
Automatic certificate issuing machine 500 KRW/sheet Credit card, cell phone, transportation card
Direct issuance 500 KRW/sheet Cash

※ Date implemented: From 11.17.2014

Issuance of Student ID Card

Issuance period : Anytime (but February and August for freshmen)

Issuance procedure : Fill out the Student ID Card Request Form and receive the Student ID card

Re-issuance : Fill out the Issuance Card Request Form and submit to the Undergraduate Management Team.
Re-issuance fee charged (10,000 KRW)
for lost or damaged cards or to change the ID photo and information

Functions of Student ID Card: Identity check and entrance functions
(visit the 1st floor of the Research Administration Unit to be issued a student ID card with debit card,
transportation card, money deposit/withdrawal functions)

Correct Personal Information

Access the portal system (my.DGIST.ac.kr) → Undergraduate Student (Graduate School Student) Information Plaza → Academic Management → Correct personal information on ‘Correct Personal Information’