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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid

※ As of March 2020

Monthly Amount

Monthly Amount
Program Details Monthly Amount (KRW)
Undergraduate Program Study Grant 28,500
Meal Allowance 100,000
Living Scholarship 200,000
Total 328,500

※ Financial aid for undergraduate students is not provided during Summer/Winter break.


  • Eligibility : Attending students who are in Undergraduate program
  • Period of Support : Up to 8 semesters


  • if student takes a leave of absence
  • if student is in discipline
  • if student earned less than 10 credits in last semester
  • if student received an academic warning
  • Return

    Student must return financial aid for applicable semester if he/she takes a leave of absence or financial aid earned since admission if he/she drops out from school.


    ※ As of March 2020
    Type Amount (KRW) Criteria & Details No. of Recipients
    DGIST Presidential Fellowship(DPF) Special Scholarship Provided
    • Admitting students with outstanding potential
    • GPA for retention : 3.5/4.3 or higher
    • Additional selection for continuing students in March and April
    Up to 5% of entering students
    Dean’s List -
    • Students with top 10% of GPA
    • At least 15 credits earned in each semester in last year
    Up to 10% of each grade
    Low Income Student Scholarship 300,000/month (Summer/Winter break excluded)
    • Students with financial difficulties
    • At least 10 credits earned in last semester
    • GPA from last semester of 2.5/4.3 or higher
    • Application by students in early semester
    Around 30
    Faculty Council Scholarship 250,000/month (for a year)
    • Preferential for students with financial difficulties
    • Selection by Faculty Council
    • Application by students in December
    Around 3
    (National) Work-Study Scholarship in-campus 9,000/hour
    • Preferential for students with financial difficulties
    • Working hours : up to 20 hours/week during semester, 40 hours/week during break
    Around 30
    off-campus 11,150/hour
    Work-Study Scholarship 9,000/hour
    • Working hours : up to 25 hours/month
    Around 30
    MIREBraiN Scholarship Table PC Provided
    • Admitting students with excellent academic records
    Around 10

    Department-in-charge : Student Affairs Team, student@dgist.ac.kr