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Support for Graduate Student

Support for Graduate Student
Classification Description Amount per month (KRW)
Master's program School expenses support (including meal allowance) 240,000
RA/TA scholarships 80,000
Total 320,000
Doctoral program School expenses support (including meal allowance) 395,000
RA/TA scholarships 250,000
Total 645,000

※ Participants in research projects may receive a research stipend additionally and the allowances are paid by each department.

Scholarship Limits

  • In case the provision period has expired (4 semesters/master’s degree, 8 semesters/doctoral degree)
  • In case the student takes a leave of absence
  • In case the student were sent abroad for more than 15 days and DGIST paid over 50% of its related expenses
  • In case the student is suspended, offers will not be provided for suspension period.
  • In case the student earns less then 9 credits, amount will not be provided in the next semester.
  • In case the head of the department notifies student’s bad attitude on his work or attendance

Return of Scholarship

In case the student drops out of school (all scholarships of all semesters), or the student takes a leave of absence(the scholarship of that semester), scholarship should be returned.