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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid

Financial Aid
Program Details Monthly Amount (KRW)
Master’s Program Study Allowance 140,000
Meal Allowance 100,000
RA/TA Scholarship 80,000
Total 320,000
PhD Program RA/TA Allowance 295,000
Meal Allowance 100,000
RA/TA Scholarship 250,000
Total 645,000

※ As of March 2019

※ In addition to financial aid, research stipend can be paid to student who participates in research project.

※ Integrated MS&PhD program and Combined UG-G program : For first and second semesters, student shall be considered as Master’s student and from third semester, he/she shall be considered as PhD student.

Details of Financial Aid

  • Eligibility : Attending students who are in Master’s, PhD, Integrated MS&PhD and Combined UG-G program
  • Period of Support : For Master’s student up to 4 semesters, PhD student 8 semesters, Integrated or Combined student 10 semesterss

Ineligibility For Financial Aid

  • if student takes a leave of absence
  • if student is dispatched abroad for more than 15 days and DGIST pays over 50 percent of its related expense
  • if student is in discipline
  • if student earned less than 9 credits, including research credits, in last semester
  • if student received an academic warning
  • if Department Chair notifies his/her bad attitude on attendance or work

Return of Financial Aid

Student must return financial aid for applicable semester if he/she takes a leave of absence or financial aid earned since admission if he/she drops out from school.


Type Amount (KRW) Criteria No. of Recipients
DGIST Presidential Fellowship(DPF) Special
  • Graduate students equipped with 4C educational philosophies and making contribution for DGIST’s prestige
  • 3
    Up to 10,000,000
    Overseas Research
    Up to 16,580,000

    ※ As of March 2019

    Department-in-charge : Student Affairs Team, student@dgist.ac.kr