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Academic Status

Permanent Withdrawal

How to Apply

  • 1. Students can submit a withdrawal request through the portal system (my.dgist.ac.kr → School Life → Change of Academic Status).
  • 2. Administrative process(Refund the Stipend , Return books, etc.) must be approved.
  • 3. Students should consult with their Advisor & Department Chair and get approval.
  • 4. Students must submit a printed request form with signature of the applicant & guarantor.


  • Students can't withdraw from their studies without justifiable reasons.
  • Students who wish to drop out for unavoidable reasons must submit their withdrawal request and get approval from the president.
  • Students who are allowed to drop out of school should pay back some or all of the financial support he/she received from DGIST


Reasons for Expulsion

  • Students who do not return to school after the approved period of leave of absence has expired
  • Students who have not registered for a semester within the prescribed period without getting permission for leave of absence
  • Students who have received academic warnings for two consecutive times
  • Students who have failed to meet all the coursework requirements within the prescribed time limit
  • Students who have been dually enrolled. (except for Dual/Joint degree students)
  • Students who have failed the Qualifying Exam or Thesis proposal

Appeal Request

  • Students who want to appeal against expulsion decision must submit an application for appeal request to Educational Affairs and Records Team within 2 weeks upon receipt of notification of expulsion.


Application Period

  • Student can apply after 2 semesters including semester in which the expulsion occurred and within 2 years from the date of expulsion.

※ Period for Military service or Long-term medical treatment is not included.

※ Students are allowed to be readmitted only once.

How to Apply

  • Submit an Application for Readmission & Letters of Recommendation from Advisor & Department Chair to Department office.

Reasons for ineligibility

  • Students who have been expelled because the maximum period of registration had elapsed
  • Students who have been expelled or voluntarily withdrawn after extending a maximum period of registration