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Academic Status

Leave of absence

Leave of absence

Leave of absence
Program Undergraduate MS PhD Integrated Combined
Maximum duration 4 semesters 2 semesters 4 semesters 5 semesters 5 semesters
Number of leaves allowed 2 times(an extension of leave is counted as one)


  1. STEP. 01
    my.dgist.ac.krmy.dgist.ac.kr -Info square-School life - change of academic status
  2. STEP. 02
    Approval of administrative teams (Student Affairs Team, Library Services Team)
  3. STEP. 03
    Submit personal interview results and Approval of the Advisor and Chair
  4. STEP. 04
    Approval of Headquarters

※ Interview with the advisor and Chair of Department after applying for change of academic status.

※ Students who are allowed to take a leave of absence should pay back some of the expenses he/she received from DGIST

※ It is not allowed to take a leave of absence during the first semester except for justifiable reasons including military, childbirth, pregnancy, disease, etc.

General Leave of absence

General Leave of absence
Date of occurrence Reason of leave of absence Tuition Grade
Before the third quarter of a semester When a student is unable to attend classes due to disease or other unavoidable reasons Transferred to returning semester Not accepted
After the third quarter of a semester

Leave of absence is allowed for the following reasons only

  • Military service (attach notice of enlistment)
  • Illness(attach medical diagnosis)
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, childcare or other related reasons(attach supporting documents)
  • Legal action (attach supporting documents)
  • Natural disasters
  • Other reasons approved by the president (attach supporting documents)
Expired Accepted

Leave of absence for Military service : period may not exceed four years including compulsory service

Leave of absence for Startups : Available for 4 semester leave of absence for entrepreneurship and start-ups, can be extended four semesters under Professor approve. The combined period of startups and general leave of absence may not exceed eight semesters(Required documents : application, business plans, and others for deliberations)

Period not counting towards the total period of leave of absence

Leave of absence due to mandatory military service

The corresponding semester when the application for leave of absence is submitted after the first three quarters of the semester have passed

Cases not counting towards the number of leave of absence

Cancellation of leave of absence (In case of cancelling the application within one week)

In case a student who had been sent home as an invalid on the day of enlistment has failed to return to school on the ground that the first quarter of the corresponding semester has passed

In case a student has returned to school in the same semester as that when he/she applied for a leave of absence because the reason for the leave of absence is no longer valid


Reinstatement period

General leave of absence (within the prescribed period for reinstatement), leave of absence for military service (within one year from the date of discharge

※ If the date of discharge falls prior to the first quarter of the semester, reinstatement is allowed.


Submit a reinstatement request form to the Educational Affairs Team after obtaining from the advisor and Department chair

Restatement following the discharge : Submit notice of discharge or resident registration certificate