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Academic Policies

Course Classification

Undergraduate Studies : Common mandatory, Compulsory selective courses

Graduate School

  • Course credit(Common compulsory course, Common elective course, Major course), Research credit(Thesis, Capstone, Seminar, Internship)
  • Curriculum for Each Department : Check a curriculum on websites of respective departments
    (ex. Education → Curriculum / Coursework)


  • The unit of course completion shall be credits, and 1 hour per week in one semester, or an equivalent number of hours of education, shall be one credit.

Course Registration

Credit Requirements for Each Semester

Credit Requirements for Each Semester - Classification, Regular Semester(Spring, Fall), Summer, Winter,
Classification Regular Semester
(Spring, Fall)
Summer, Winter Remarks
Undergraduate 20 to 23 credits 0 to 9 credits
  • Students who register for more than the maximum credit requirements must submit the application to Educational Affairs and Records Team.
  • Required the approval of Advisory Professor and Department Chair
M.S. 9 to 12 credits 0 to 9 credits
  • Students who register for more than the maximum credit requirements must submit the application to Educational Affairs and Records Team.
  • Students who register for less than the minimum credit requirements during the final semester or after completing all of the required credits for graduation must submit the application.
Integrated MS-PhD 3 to 12 credits 0 to 9 credits
Combined UG-G

※ Undergraduate Studies: With the approval from Advisory Professor and Chair of Undergraduate Studies, the request form for excess credits should be submitted to Educational Affairs and Records Team until the four days before course registration.


Even if students take the courses which have same title and subject code two or more time, the credits of the courses can be accepted respectively, just in case of Special Courses(subject code between 800 to 899), Research Courses (subject code between 900 to 999).
※ But, course re-taking is unacceptable.

Students should determine how many 'Thesis' and 'Capstone' credits to register for under the course instructor's guidance before the registration period. Students should input the determined on the registration site when you register for the courses.

Students who earn less than 9 credits will not receive the stipend for the next semester.

※ Students can NOT receive stipend in case of : Earning less than 9 credits, Suspension, Academic warning, Expired period (M.S. 4 Semesters, Ph.D. 8 Semesters, Integrated MS-PhD 10 Semesters)

A class section last for 50 minutes or 75 minutes.

Undergraduate Studies

Course Registration and Change

  • Check notice (Student Portal → Student Bulletin → Academic Notice)
  • Register and Change at Registration system (sugang.dgist.ac.kr)

Graduate School

Course Registration

  • Register for courses through the website(sugang.dgist.ac.kr )during the course registration period.

Course Add/drop

  • Add or drop courses through the website (sugang.dgist.ac.kr) during the course add/drop period.

Course Withdrawal

  • By the end of the class, students should submit an online application for course withdrawal and get approval from the professor in charge & Department Chair.
    Student portal(my.dgist.ac.kr) > Info square > Click 'Sign-up management' > Click 'Request Course Withdrawal' > Submit the form after filling it out.