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Core Protein Resources Center

Core Protein Resources Center

Resources Service Center, Only One Step Away from Business

Many pharmaceutical companies in Korea have tried to develop powerful biomedicines over the last ten years. Recently, the leading conglomerates, mid-sized, and venture companies are achieving magnificent results and exporting large amounts of technology for overseas expansion based on the new medicines. To enter these markets, these small scale companies still have to establish techniques with high level of difficulty. Core Protein Resources Center was established to overcome the technical difficulties, support and strengthen internal competitive power in a short period of time. CPRC has 3 visions, as described below:

1. To support domestic protein bio-pharmaceutical industry, overseas expansion, and market pioneering by maximizing the function of state-of–the-art public research laboratories that has concentrated and upgraded core proteins, facilities, technology and expertise resources

2. To establish innovative supporting system for companies through efficient division of labor. With the system make a better environment that companies focus on their own work and CPRC can provides support many companies at the same time

3. To minimize the risk of research and development of domestic companies following our slogan, “Resources Service Center, Only One Step Away from Business”

Research Goals
  • To provide the best available technology and services to major domestic bio-companies in order to stimulate medical industries based on the four core resources; expertise, facilities, protein, technology resources
  • To create a technology support center that can support companies in an innovative way to minimize the risk through preferential securing of commercially available protein resources and related technologies
Major research Fields & Contents

To establish a state-of-the-art public R&D center for promoting overseas expansion of domestic protein biopharmaceutical industry and support new start-up. We builds up the foundation for the seven following area.

Protein Common Technology

  • Primary system and equipment for cell lysis, extraction and storage
  • Cell culture facility
  • Equipment and skill for protein purification

Technology of Recombinant Protein

  • Expression system for bacteria and yeast
  • Expression system for insect and mammalian cells
  • Development of expression vector
  • Performance improvement by gene manipulation
  • Direct evolution technology secure

Protein Analysis and Advanced Technology

  • Protein formulation and mass analysis
  • Performance improvement by protein modification
  • Operate equipment and measurement of protein activity

Core Protein Resources

  • Cytokine (including growth factor and chemokine)
  • Drug target and therapeutic protein
  • Diagnostic reagent and industrial proteins

In-silici Prediction Of Protein Structural Stability Based On Supercomputing.

  • Molecular dynamics simulation of protein structure
  • Analysis of protein structure
  • Computational biology for prediction of protein stability

Information Data Bank For Core Protein Resources

  • Supply information of core proteins
  • Analysis for the big data of target proteins
  • In silico pre-screening of mutants

Support Services For Industrial Company