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DGIST-ETH Microrobotics Research Center

DGIST-ETH Microrobotics Research Center

MEMS and NEMS for Robotics and Biomedicine

DGIST-ETH Microrobotics Research Center (DEMRC) was established for global collaboration on microrobot research between DGIST and ETH Zurich. DEMRC plans to expand collaborations with other domestic and international institutes. DEMRC has several government-funded research projects including a major robotics project on industrial core technology development funded by the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technologies (KEIT) and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), Korea. The center will pursue the project by developing new medical microrobots and minimally invasive treatment technologies to cure chronic arterial occlusion with blocked arteries. Furthermore, the center plans to develop core technology of microrobots such as two and three-dimensional medical imaging, remote robot control for minimal exposure to radiation and efficient chronic arterial occlusion treatment.

Research Goals
  • To create and sustain an integrated, interdisciplinary research environment for the advancement of fundamental and technological breakthroughs in microrobotics
  • To educate globally-competitive students and researchers in the microrobotics field
  • To maintain synergistic partnership with the industry for seamless knowledge and technology transfer and develop of industry research
  • To establish cooperative partnerships with the world leading micro-robotic institutions through international excellence
Major Research Fields & Contents

Biomedical Microrobots

  • Micro-nano-microrobot development for biocompatibility using MEMS and 3D laser stereolighography
  • External Magnetic Actuation (EMA) System for the precise and accurate control of micro/nanorobots
  • Development of micromedical robots for targeted precision treatment such as drug delivery, cell delivery, heart disease, brain diseases
  • Ensuring the efficacy and safety of the treatment of micro / nano-robot and commercialization in collaboration with the clinical physicians

Imaging System for Biomedical Microrobots

  • Bi-planar X-ray System, CTA&X-ray Image Conjunction
  • 3D image processing, 3D navigation system, analysis of cardiomotility and its compensation for in-vivo 3D imaging
  • Development of 3D imaging-based surgical procedure and verification with animal experiments

Piezoelectric MEMS devices for various biomedical applications

    Guidance for Director,E-mail,Tel
    Director Hongsoo Choi
    E-mail mems@dgist.ac.kr
    Tel +82-53-785-6803