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Brain Engineering Convergence Research Center

Brain Engineering Convergence Research Center

Next-Generation Leader of Brain Engineering Technology

In recent years, there have been greatly increasing needs to understand the brain according to growing interest in aging and artificial intelligence. A large research groups in the United States and Europe are identifying the core contents of the brain and studying how to treat degenerative brain diseases based on these research.

Conventional control system has been extensively studied in areas requiring brain functional reconstruction such as degenerative brain diseases. However, these are local or one-way schemes and limited to optical or electrical stimulation and monitering of neuronal activation.

Brain Engineering Convergence Research Center aims to develop a precise multimodal closed loop system that maintains the functional brain homeostasis by controling neurotransmitter and electrophysiological signal that regulate electrochemical brain circuit. It is possible to provide treatment for various brain diseases ranging from degenerative brain diseases to cognitive disorders by regulating brain circuits with these platform technologies. Furthermore, we intend to utilize it as a new paradigm of medical devices, brain-machine interface or electronic medicine.

Research Goals
  • To understand brain circuits based on the simultaneous processing of electrical and chemical signals of the brain
  • To develop brain functional homeostasis technology which could not be controlled by existing one-way stimulation or drug administration through the study of precise closed-loop control system
  • To conduct research on brain engineering and contribute to revitalization of BMI-related industries a by developing various modularization-based system
Major Research Fields & Contents

Development of Electrical and Chemical Multimodal System

  • 2D/3D complex structural probe and electrical closed loop system
  • Real-time biochemical ion concentration measuring probe and chemical closed loop system
  • Probe-type drug delivery device for electrochemical regulation

Research on Improvement of Neural Signal Quality and Signal Analysis Technology

  • Preprocessing technology to improve quality of chemical signal
  • Increasing resolution by neural classification algorithm of electrophysiological activities

Development of Precise Multi-Modal Closed Loop Sensing and Control System on Brain Circuits

  • Construction of in-vitro and in-vivo model for system verification
  • Validation of precise sensing and stimulation system based on neural information
  • Application of integrated devices with various module combinations to degenerative brain diseases
    Guidance for Director,E-mail,Tel
    Director Ji-Woong Choi
    E-mail jwchoi@dgist.ac.kr
    Tel +82-53-785-6311