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Innovative University Changing the World through Convergence

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Convergence Research Advanced Centre for Olfaction

Convergence Research Advanced Centre for Olfaction

Leading Research Advanced Centre for Glocal Value Creation in the Field of Olfactory Convergence
(Understanding the olfactory nervous system and developing knowledge and technology to improve the quality of life through it)

The olfactory nervous system is the hottest research topics in the field of brain science due to the advent of the brain revolution century and the 2004 Nobel Prize for olfaction research.

Convergence research advanced centre for olfaction aims to study the olfactory nervous system, which has been known as the biggest challenge in world olfactory research, the structural identification of olfactory receptor, the large-scale analysis of the binding mechanism, identification of the structure and function of the olfactory nerve network in the brain and standardization source proprietary technology for aromatic substances.

Through the development of original technology based on this basic scientific knowledge, we create and mediate the olfactory convergence industry idea as a new industry in the future and intend to establish the base of the relevant science and technology field by fostering creative professionals.

In particular, we are striving to be priming the pump so that our country can create wealth and become a leading country in the olfactory research by proactively responding to future societies that value the quality of life.

Research Goals
  • Creating scientific knowledge in the olfactory field
  • Development of source proprietary technology for future convergence based on olfactory
  • Support for new industries through the spread of basic outcomes
Major Research Fields & Contents

Study of olfactory neural network

  • Microstructure of olfactory neural network
  • Olfactory neural network-linked protein

Study of olfactory signal processing and behavior

  • Olfactory signal processing
  • Olfactory and behavioral response

Study of olfactory nervous system and olfactory receptors

  • Olfactory nervous system development and regeneration
  • Structural analysis and molecular modeling of olfactory receptors
    Guidance for Director,E-mail,Tel
    Director Cheil Moon
    E-mail cmoon@dgist.ac.kr
    Tel +82-53-785-6110