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CPS Global Center

CPS Global Center

Cyber Physical System Global Center

The CPS Global Center at DGIST, established in 2012, performs both fundamental research to develop new principles, models, and theories for CPS and inter-disciplinary research to apply CPS to a number of areas including automobiles and transportation.

It is one of the biggest center in Korea dedicated to CPS research. The CPS Global Center has built a strong global research network with world-class researchers in CPS, actively collaborating with 4 participating institutes in USA : University of Virginia, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, and Carnegie Mellon University.

Research Goals
  • Perform fundamental research on cyber-physical systems that will revolutionize the convergence of physical world and cyber world, handling the uncertainty and complexity, and coordinating with natural/engineered environments
  • Develop new scientic and engineering principles, models, and theories for the convergence of sciences and technology in the 21st century, providing a new paradigm for research in basic sciences
  • Become a world class research center collaborating with top researchers in the world and providing support to the scientific advancement
Major Research Fields & Contents

Vehicle & Transportation

  • Integrated Transportation & Driving Simulator
  • Adaptive Route Guidance
  • V2V & V2I Communications
  • Vehicle Safety & Security
  • Eco-Driving, Eco-Adaptive Control

Medical & Health Care

  • Mobile POCT Device
  • Medical Device Software
  • Vision-Based Inference Fall & Aggressive Behavior Detection

Smart Space

  • Eective Energy Management
  • Indoor Localization Enhancement
  • Energy-Ecient ADL Detection

Smart Infrastructure

  • Smart Infrastructure Resilient to Cyber-Physical Attacks
    Guidance for Director,E-mail,Tel
    Director Yongsoon Eun
    E-mail yeun@dgist.ac.kr
    Tel 053-785-6316