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Center for Proteome Biophysics

From Atom to Protein Structure, Function & Life Phenomena via Statistical & Computational Physics of Bio-molecule

Center for Proteome Biophysics is dedicated to uncover the fundamental knowledge of the thermodynamics, kinetics and mutagenesis of protein, DNA, and their complex by converging the concept of statistical physics, supercomputing technology, and biological/life science. We aim to come up with the atomic/molecular mechanism which governs life and disease phenomena.

Research Goals
  • To develop theoretical & computational framework to investigate thermodynamics, folding kinetics, mutagenesis of target protein, DNA and their complex
  • To uncover the fundamental physico-chemical principle behind biological function of protein, DNA, and their complex based on statistical physics, biophysics, quantum mechanics and computational physics
  • To uncover the simplicity from the complexity
Major Research Fields & Contents
  • Theoretical and computational proteome biophysics, bioinformatics, and structural biology
  • Supercomputing simulation of biomolecules
  • Theoretical and computational statistical physics
  • Development of leading-edge supercomputing technology