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Research Center for Extreme Exploitation of Dark Data

Get the utmost out of dark data in the world.

Research Center for Extreme Exploitation of Dark Data aims to solve the problems regarding national opportunity cost, storage cost and energy cost incurred from “Dark Data” by developing a next-generation information platform technology that can exploit dark data extremely during the whole process of collecting, storing, managing, and processing of data.

dark data: the data that cannot be stored though it is generated, cannot be found though it is stored, or cannot be analyzed though it is found. It is known that dark data accounts for 90% of all the data in the world.

Research Goals
  • To develop core technologies for extreme exploitation of dark data
  • To develop platform technology for extreme exploitation of dark data (EEDD)
  • To apply EEDD to the problem of building a nation-wide research data platform
Major Research Fields & Contents
  • Decentralization and low cost massive data storage technology
  • De-duplication and compression of dark data
  • Automatic extraction of meta data from dark data
  • Blockchain-based sharing of data lineage
  • Search and recommendation technologies based on data lineage and meta data
  • Fast and low cost analysis of large-scale data
  • Tensor technologies for analysis of heterogeneous data
  • Refining data errors technology
  • Data sharing based on edge-computing and high-speed blockchain
  • Improvement the performance of research data cloud system and energy saving technology
    Guidance for Director,E-mail,Tel
    Director Min-Soo Kim
    E-mail mskim@dgist.ac.kr
    Tel +82-53-785-6370