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Research Departments

Division of Biotechnology

Improving Quality of Human Life through Biotechnology Research

Division of Biotechnology aims to improve quality of human life through the convergence of basic, applied life science and biomaterial technology development. We will conduct research on disease-related mechanisms and therapeutic targets based on the companion indicators, and develop molecular and non-molecular diagnostic indicators including drug-susceptibility. Functional biomaterials and bioplastics using biocompatible polymers are under development and a variety of microplastic models are studied to test its ecological and human health hazards. We aim to contribute to the improvement of national health and quality of life as part of the national science and technology policy related to biomedical research.

Research Goals
  • To conduct research and development on controlling and improvement of incurable diseases (cancer, brain, metabolic diseases)
  • To develop biomarkers (companion markers) and diagnostic technology for incurable diseases
  • To develop functional biomaterials and bioplastics
Major Research Fields & Contents

Controlling And Mechanism Of Incurable Diseases

  • Discovery of disease-related factors and mechanism research
  • Research for controlling factors of diseases and their mechanism of action

Biological And Computational Model For Incurable Diseases

  • Discovery and verification of treatments through HTS (High Throughput Screening)
  • Clinical and translational research
  • Development and validation of biological computer modeling & simulation

Development Of Functional Biomaterials And Bioplastics

  • Fabrication of medical devices based on biocompatible polymers
  • Development of standard microplastics model and its risk assessment for health and environmental hazards
  • Development of monodisperse polymer beads for immun-diagnosis
  • Development of stimuli-responsive hydrogel and synthetic antibodies
Lee, Yun-Il