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Research Departments

Division of Energy Technology

Leading Innovation of Energy Technology through Development of Creative Convergence Technology

Division of Energy Technology focuses on next generation thin-film solar cells, high efficiency hydrogen energy, smart textile technology for energy conversion and storage of high efficiency energy which is versatile, eco-friendly and highly reliable through the research on element and material. We aim to promote our key research area, diffuse and commercialize our research result. We continue to lead the innovation of future energy technology by securing excellence in research through selective focus, enhancing the local industry through strengthening industry-university-research network, and establishing the best R&D infrastructure.

Research Goals
  • To develop next generation energy harvesting/conversion/storage technology
  • To develop eco-friendly & high performance solar and hydrogen energy technology
  • To develop energy harvesting and storage Technology for wearable electronics
Major Research Fields & Contents

Eco-friendly & High Performance Solar and Hydrogen Energy Technology

  • Next Generation Chalcogenide/Halide Thin-Film Solar Cell Technology
  • Functional Solar Cell Technology and Applications
  • High Efficiency Solar-Hydrogen Energy System and Fuel Cell Technology

Energy Harvesting and Storage Technology for Wearable Electronics

  • Functional Nano-material based Wearable Sensor Technology
  • Flexible Energy Storage Technology based on Carbon, Polymer and Nano-materials
  • Mechano-Luminescence(ML) Material Application for Textile
Shi-Joon Sung