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Innovative University Changing the World through Convergence

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Convergence Research Institute

Global Excellence in Research and its Infrastructure!


Established as a research institute in September 2004, DGIST is the only institution of both education and research in Korea that opened a graduate school in 2011 and an undergraduate program in 2014.

We have close connection from the basics of university and graduate school and source research to the application of research institute and to industrialization research. DGIST is also building a close system of academy-research cooperation by carrying out joint research on related fields with 6 graduate school majors, research centers, and labs.

Also, we share our source technology and commercialized technology with companies, and contribute to the strengthening of industrial competitiveness through joint research and development.

The convergence research institute aims to expand the opportunities of cooperation among researchers and become a research center and lab representing DGIST by laying the foundation for generating excellent research performances and creating a competitive system of good will.

VISIONCradle of Flagship Research Centers
that lead the World

– To Generates Future Convergence Technology

Development Goals

  • Stage 1 : 2015~2020

    Discover Top-class
    National Flagship Centers

  • Stage 2 : 2021~2030

    Nurture World-class
    Flagship Centers

  • Stage 3 : 2031~2040

    Become the World-leading
    Flagship Centers

3 Strategies

  • Secure Excellence in Convergence Research

  • Strengthen Regional Industrial Competitiveness

  • Create an Advanced Research Environment and Culture

9 Key Assignments

    • Accelerate R&D innovation
    • Discover Flagship Projects
    • Activate the coexistence and cooperation of academy-research
    • Hold Collaborative Innovation
      & Tech Day
    • Promote technology transfer
      and technology investment
    • Spread research achievements
    • Strengthen research safety and security
    • Create a culture of communication
      and empathy
    • Improve research ethics

Research Departments

  • Convergence Research Center for Solar Energy

    Lead the future solar battery strategy technology by developing a thin-film solar battery source technology of next generation, improve solar battery solubility by developing functional solar battery element technology, and generate convergence technology

  • Convergence Research Center for Wellness

    Lead the global-level human-centered wellness technology innovation and commercialization

  • DGIST-LBNL Research Center for Emerging Materials

    Conduct an advanced R&D research in emerging materials of functional convergence

  • Research Center for Resilient Cyber Physical Systems

    Develop a cyber-physical system source software technology for real-time autonomous recovery

  • Convergence Research Center for Microlaser Technology

    Design micro-sized subminiature laser and research the applied fields using it

  • Convergence Research Center for Future Automotive Technology

    Develop a high-tech automobile convergence technology converging ICT technology

  • DGIST-ETH Microrobotics Research Center

    Research micro and nano medical robots using subminiature fine processing technology

  • Well Aging Research Center

    Basic and applied anti-aging research and develop the world’s best aging diagnosis technology

  • Core Protein Resources Center

    Develop important protein matters and related technology on functional research

  • Convergence Research Center for Collaborative Robots

    Research differentiated technology for human and robot cooperation to realize services and develop commercialization technology

  • Global Center for Bio-Convergence Spin System

    Develop a bio-diagnosis technology using spin control and neuromorphic devices

  • Companion Diagnostics and Medical Technology Research Group

    Precise medical technology research based on accompaniment and AI

  • Smart Textile Convergence Research Group

    Manufacture functional fabric with the convergence of nano energy source technology and conduct applied research

  • Magnet-Controlled Materials Research Group

    Make high-performance industrial materials and pursue new functions through research on material structure control using strong magnetic field

  • Intelligent Devices and Systems Research Group

    Technology research on next generation elements such as learning-based intelligent system, quantum matters, and synapse imitation elements

Executive Vice President for Research
Executive Vice President for Research Dae Im Kang
E-mail dikang@dgist.ac.kr
Tel +82-53-785-7000