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Emerging Materials Science

Department of Emerging Materials Science
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General Introduction

Emerging Materials Science (EMS) is a cross-disciplinary field of study designed from a convergence between ‘the fundamental research on materials properties’ and ‘applied science and engineering using functional materials components’. It is now positioned as one of the major academic fields of study as new materials involve critical components of emerging technology that lead the development of modern scientific industries and academia. They have become vitally important in fields such as: information and communications, medical engineering, and bio-technology.

The Department of Emerging Materials Science pursues state-of-the-art interdisciplinary research combining physics, materials science, chemistry, and biology together. The department envisions to culture future scientists and engineers in the materials related fields, who will play leading roles in both academia and in industries with their creative problem solving skills and research capabilities.

Educational Objectives

EMS aims to foster and equip creative materials scientists with both basic and applied science knowledge through the DGIST MIREBraiN program.

The overall goals of the department are organizes as follows:

  • Development of new functional and emerging materials to improve quality of life
  • Creation of a world-leading department in 2030 through world-class research
  • Fostering creative scientists and engineers through convergence research in physics, materials, chemistry, and bio-medical sciences
  • Culturing scientists and engineers with scientific international senses via research cooperation with world-renowned scholars

Research Fields

Functional Quantum Materials

  • Low dimensional electric and magnetic materials
  • Superconducting materials/thermoelectric materials
  • Nanoscale optoelectronic materials
  • Ultrahigh-quality microcavity laser

Nano and Bio Convergence Materials and Devices

  • Nano-bio convergence materials
  • Biomimetic chemistry and materials
  • Functional nanoporous materials
  • Bio-NEMS/MEMS devices

Computational Materials Science

  • New materials design based on the first principle computation
  • Light and matter theory? Theory of light and matter?
  • Multi-scale atomistic simulations
  • Materials genomics for new functional materials