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Innovative University Changing the World through Convergence

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혁신으로 세상을 바꾸는 융복합 대학 Innovative University Changing the world through Convergence

2034 GOAL

    • 6,000
      Global Leaders for the Humanity
    • 10 Centers of Excellence
      50 World-leading Scholars and Scientists
    • 5 Unicorn Startups
      200 Research Institute Companies

*CoE : Center of Excellence


  • Innovative Education Fostering the next-generation talent for humanity
    • Creative Thinking
    • Convergence Education 2.0
    • Global Leadership
  • Research Excellence Securing global competitiveness in research
    • Efficient incentive system for research innovation
    • Attracting world-leading scholars and scientists
    • Establishment of Center of Excellence(CoE)
  • Economic Value Creation Contributing to the national and global economy
    • Translational R&D Programs
    • Technology Commercialization
    • I&E Park

* I&E : Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Educational Principles

리더십 교육, 융복합 교육, 기업가정신 교육

Educational Philosophies

Creativity 창의, Challenge 도전, Collaboration 협력, Care 배려

Strategic Focus AreasDGIST MIREBraiN Program

    • Emerging
    • Information&Communication
    • Medical
    • Green Energy
    • Brain Science
    • New Biology