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DGIST Professor Jaeha Kung selected for 'Samsung Future Technology Fostering Project'

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  • 등록일. 2019.10.23
  • 작성자. Public Relations Team

DGIST Professor Jaeha Kung selected for 'Samsung Future Technology Fostering Project'
- Aims to develop a technology that chooses the optimized deep learning model and build an efficient AI learning server system



 DGIST announced on Monday, October 21 that Professor Jaeha Kung in the DGIST Information and Communication Engineering has been selected for the 2019 Second-half Year ICT Creative Project supported by Samsung Electronics’ Future Technology Fostering Program. 

 Professor Jaeha Kung has been selected into this project on research topic ‘Acceleration of Server System through a Multilayered Division Memory Learning and the Selection of Auto-optimized Deep Learning Model for Autofit: User Platform. This research will receive total funding of 700 million KRW for the next two years from Samsung Future Technology Fostering Program.

 The winner project aims to develop a technology which automatically selects an optimized deep learning model considering the restrictions in AI devices as well as to build a learning server system that can quickly and efficiently learn the technology. Professor Jaeha Kung has performed a digital hardware structure and design to efficiently process AI technology over the past several years.

 Professor Jaeha Kung said that “The use of rapidly-developing AI technology will increase in various mobile devices, and it is very important to find an optimized AI model for the given hardware condition and teach it efficiently. Through the ICT Creative Project of the Samsung Future Technology Fostering Program, I plan to conduct research that can develop technology to build a learning system that uses more realistic AI model.” in regard to winning the research support. 

 Dr. Kung obtained his Ph.D. in Electronic Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in the U.S. and was a postdoctoral researcher at POSETCH. He has been teaching at DGIST Graduate School Information and Communication Engineering since December 2017.

 Samsung Future Technology Fostering Program is a social contribution project by Samsung Electronics to support South Korea’s future science and technology researches for 10 years by investing 1.5 trillion KRW in 2013. A total of 33 billion KRW is financed to 26 research fields such as AI, semiconductor, deep learning, and brain signals including Professor Jaeha Kung’s research.