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DGIST made an automotive software technology transfer contract

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  • 등록일. 2014.04.28
  • 작성자. Administrator

DGIST made a technology transfer contract of the "In-vehicle networking and imbedded software design and verification technology" with ESG(CEO, Hae-Suh Lee) on April 17. 

Jun-Woo Son, senior researcher of DGIST IT Convergence Research Division, and his team developed a CAN(Controller Area Network) using in-vehicle network design technology and OSEK-OS based imbedded software design and verification technology.  This technology is expected to support cultivation of experts of IT technology integrated smart vehicles.

The technology transfer made this time includes OSEK-OS using imbedded software for vehicle, MISRA-C using in-vehicle software reliability improving technology, and CAN based driving information analysis tools design technology.   

Transferred technologies will be utilized for various programs, starting with in-vehicle network design program that ESG develops, and in-vehicle network and imbedded technology training program for the next five years. 

Dr. Son said, "By 2020, development cost of software will grow by more than 50% of the entire development cost of vehicle industry. In-vehicle software technology that DGIST has will help cultivation of experts of the vehicle industry." 

Meanwhile, Dr. Son and his research team has transferred OSEK-OS based GMLAN design technology and MISRA-C based in-vehicle software design technology to Dong-Ah Co., Ltd. in 2011 and 2013.