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DGIST opens a Joint AI Research Institute with Dabeeo

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  • 등록일. 2019.12.04
  • 작성자. Public Relations Team

DGIST opens a Joint AI Research Institute with Dabeeo
- Pioneered a path of intensive AI technology R&D through joint research
- An analysis algorithm already developed is a world-class level… Expects to have more research and cooperation through the lab


 On Thursday, November 28, DGIST held the opening ceremony of ‘Dabeeo x DGIST AI Lab (Dabeeo x DGIST AI LAB, hereinafter AI Lab)’ in ‘AI Lab’ Research Institute on Seokyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. This lab, established by the Department of Information & Communication Engineering at DGIST and Dabeeo (CEO Juheum Park) for joint research, will focus on research and development of AI technology.

 ‘AI Lab’ was founded to carry out more efficient research and development in AI technology. Both parties, which have been conducting research on AI technology in collaboration since 2016, has produced world-class joint development outcomes such as satellite applying an image segmentation technology and aerial photo analysis algorithm. These performances have enabled the extraction of a certain entity in satellites and aerial photos, which are underway in collaboration and commercialization with various Korean and overseas firms.

 Professor Kyung-Joon Park in the Department of Information & Communication Engineering said that the “AI Lab opened this time will alleviate the burden of conducting research back and forth between Seoul and Daegu. From now on, we strive to focus on various projects such as the advancement of image segmentation technology, remote sensing, computer vision, and the diversification of autonomous driving AI technology, in addition to finding various national projects, training AI specialists, and promoting exchanges.”

 Established in 2012, Dabeeo Co., Ltd. focuses on developing efficient map data based on map-specialized AI technology and R&D of management-specialized technology. Dabeeo has recently developed indoor map platform based on deep learning technology and has entered a partnership with LG Electronics for business and technology cooperation, earning wide recognition for its technology.