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PhD course student"s meaningful achievement

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  • 등록일. 2014.05.27
  • 작성자. Administrator

DGIST doctoral degree student"s thesis was accepted for publication by one of the leading journals.


Doctoral degree student of DGIST Robotics Engineering Jun Young Lee"s thesis, "Variable PID gain tuning method using backstepping control with time delay estimation and nonlinear damping", received approval for publication by IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics.


In the thesis, an effective gain tuning method for variable proportional-integral-derivative(PID) controllers is presented. With the proposed method, equipment installation time can be reduced from months to minutes, and flexible responding to process change is available.


Lee has started the thesis when he was in the master"s course at DGIST, and received the publication approval in his first year of the doctoral course. It is meaningful that a freshman of doctoral course completed a graduate-level thesis and received publication approval by one of the leading journals.


Lee said, "The eagerness to complete the research lead me to successful results. I would like become a specialist and continue convergence research."