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Radar Specialist Dr. Dae-Gon Oh, Division of IoT and Robotics Convergence Research

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Radar Specialist Dr. Dae-Gon Oh, Division of IoT and Robotics Convergence Research

“Radar technology can be applied into the areas of

detecting low altitude drones in urban areas and rescuing people trapped in

collapsed concrete building.”


Dr. Dae-Gon Oh, Division

of IoT and Robotics Convergence Research, is a radar specialist who recently

developed the super resolution low altitude radar and the through-the-wall

radar. He is a young researcher who is gaining attention with his radar

technology capable of detecting small-sized unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)

flying in the city. “Super resolution low altitude radar can detect low flying

drones by identifying the subspace of a signal composed of three-dimensional

factors such as distance, angle, and Doppler. With only two radar receiving

channels, it can precisely detect objects at a far distance.
He is now keen on the translational research of the radar technology

that he has developed.

research on

development of a small-sized low altitude radar system was
published on `IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronics

Systems` in April this year. 


He said, “Leading defense industry in the UK and Israel

has been developing low altitude radar technology which enables detection of drones,

while domestic industry still falls far short.”


The super resolution low altitude radar technology

differentiates from the existing radar system in recognizing low flying objects

in real time. It can also identify if the flying object is a drone or not by

using the Doppler information. Another distinctive feature holds that he

lowered the electromagnetic wave output to the level of cellular base station

to make the radar harmless to humans.


Dr. Oh now aims to develop a low altitude radar system

which could detect as far as 10kms. “We already started research collaboration

with the domestic defense industry for the application of multipurpose

small-sized low altitude radar.” he said.


In 2014, he succeeded in developing super resolution through-the-wall

type radar which can detect objects over walls or barriers in real time. Related link


research on the through-the-wall radar has been known as very tough areas since

it requires the instrumental technology to precisely identify the moving object

in real time. His radar technology is acclaimed to be further utilized for

civilian and military purposes. It can be used in rescuing people trapped in

reinforced concrete structures and to comprehend the inner situation when an

antiterrorist squad carries out entry operation into a building.



Oh added, “I would like to focus on the convergence research of radar and IoT

technology carried out in the Division of IoT and Robotics Convergence Research

and cyber physical system in Research Center for Resilient CPS Research Center.

I also would like to take the lead in creating a new industry by developing a

radar defense system which can control unmanned aerial vehicles more safely in

urban areas in real time.”