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DGIST developed organic dyes to enhance energy conversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells by 11.2%

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  • 등록일. 2014.04.28
  • 작성자. Administrator

DGIST announced on April 25th that Dr. Jin Gyu Gang(Director of Advanced Convergence Research Center, DGIST) and his team developed high efficiency organic dyes that can enhance the energy conversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells(DSSC) by 11.2%, which is world"s highest level. 

Dr. Gang"s team succeeded in developing a new type of wide wavelength absorbing organic dyes. The hydrophobic functional groups added organic dyes developed this time enhances the energy conversion efficiency of DSSC by maximizing electron relay. 

DSSC converts light energy into electric energy with high efficiency using organic dyes and nano technology, and is regarded as the next generation"s solar cell. 

Despite DSSC"s advantages, commercialization of DSSC was hard until now because of the high price of organic dyes and low light absorption problems. However, Dr. Gang"s achievement in improving energy conversion efficiency of DSSC is expected to contribute to the development and expansion of DSSC industry. 

Dr. Gang said, "We expect the development this time could be a chance for DGIST to lead the research on DSSC." Meanwhile, Dr. Gang"s team conducts research on design of high efficiency light absorbing organic dyes under the research project "Development of light absorption enhancement of organic dye for DSSC", which is entrusted by Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy.